Kurtzman: Shake Things Up!



With Star Trek into Darkness now released on Blu-ray and DVD, attention is turning to the third installment of the Abrams reboot.

Co-writer Alex Kurtzman spoke about the status of the third film and what thoughts are going on in the writer’s heads.

“Things have changed a little bit,” said Kurtzman. “Damon [Lindelof] is working on other things now. J.J. is obviously doing Star Wars but is still very involved in the process of Star Trek and making sure the story is going correctly. It’s his baby as well, and I know that he looks at it that way. So it will be different this time, but that’s OK, because we’re on the third movie now and it’s OK to shake things up.”

The writers are not yet sure in which direction they want to go, because there are so many possibilities for a third story. “It’s overwhelming and daunting, because every time we think we’ve narrowed down a passageway, we come out the other side and realize there are two trillion more out there,” he said. “You want to choose the right ones. But we always imagined that we were creating an alternate timeline so we could play in harmony with canon. We can see things that were familiar, but also the events themselves might have minor differences, and sometimes major differences. I think that leaves us room to go either way and be unpredictable, which is the whole point of creating an alternate timeline. At the end of the day, because we give so much thought to what the stories are going to be and how to tell them, it’s ultimately about what feels right. Certainly our ears are open to what fans are saying about the show, the movies and our movies, so that all goes into the stew.”

Source: Blastr

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  • alfredodedarc

    Try writing a good one for a change with no trapdoor escapes. Get rid of the egomaniacal Roberto Orci who believes everything he touches is golden. I have not a clue as to who he is blackmailing to get all of these jobs.
    The guys at HISHE nailed STID to a deserved cross; watch it. According to STID there should be no more people taking risks in starships and no death in the Federation, short of vaporization, something I have pointed out repeatedly in other forums.
    Making a ton of money is nice and it is what the studio wants, but guess what?- factoring in inflation, you just made the third most popular movie in terms of domestic gross, so I’d think all bets are off the table.
    As to foreign gross, except in Europe, Australia, and Canada that’s nothing to be proud of. Casting chimpanzees in the roles would be hailed as genius in Asia as long as $#!+ blows up.
    If all you have left contractually is one more movie, it deserves nothing but your best effort, but we won’t get that, will we? You guys are hamstrung by so many other projects that Trek is a mere afterthought, and it shows, especially in STID. If your ears are open, the next Trek will be good and will appeal to everyone, not just the people who love their explosions big and loud and their laughs cheap.

  • darth dak

    fuck star trek . star wars rules.

  • alfredodedarc

    Until Abrams buries it in lens flares…

  • Theragen Derivative

    J.J., is that you?

  • Theragen Derivative

    Shake things up. Fire the writers.

  • Frontier

    Hell with it, bring on the Borg! It’s not as if this next film can actually be worth much. Might as well just go nuts with it, you know?

  • Duane

    I’m in favor of an original story which does not reference anything that has ever happened in the prime universe.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    Are you lost, little one?

  • Mickey

    Why not a story that reunite whit the original prime universe and bring back ambasador spock to his own universe? so then there is always a choice if a new tv series / movie will be created that the writers from future Star Trek projects can develop stories in both universes.

  • Guest

    F*** off. Star Wars is for people who doesn’t wanna think but want visual effects only. I got news for ya pal, movies ain’t about effects.

  • Mike

    I disagree with that, too… I like both.

  • Mike

    Give them access to the prime timeline? Pass.

  • Matineer

    Are they aware of the upcoming 50th anniversary of Star Trek? Will this movie attempt to honor that in any way?

  • James

    ‘Casting chimpanzees in the roles would be hailed as genius in Asia as long as $#!+ blows up.’


    Do Asian people have a prediliction for only appreciating this?

  • Mike

    For only appreciating that? No… For appreciating that in the face of horrifyingly dumb plotlines and bad acting? Indeed so.

  • Mike

    Well… Do you think they’ve attempted to honor any part of Trek up to this point? They would say yes… if you agree with them, then yeah, you’ll get what you’re asking for. If not… well… then you’ll also likely get what you expect.

  • JoCat

    i am all for that!! A completely new story never done before.

  • Duane

    I should add that it would be nice to return a sense of intimacy to the Enterprise herself. We’ve lost something special with that crowded bridge and hallways with raised ceilings. I don’t get the sense that the Enterprise herself is a character anymore, and I wish that could be addressed.

  • trekfan

    In the third movie that bubble universe aka Abramsverse should implode.

  • Corylea

    The script for “Into Darkness” was pretty bad; it wasn’t just a retread of a better movie, but even more importantly, the characters were not true to themselves. (Spock crying, screaming “Khaaan,” being overcome with rage? Get real.)

    Get a real science fiction writer (e.g. Lois McMaster Bujold, Robert J. Sawyer, or Connie Willis) to write the story, then hire Dorothy Fontana to Trekkize it. Make it a NEW story but one where the characters behave like themselves.

    I’ve read a lot of fan fiction where FAN authors manage to make up new stories with Kirk and Spock behaving in-character, so it shouldn’t be all that hard!

  • Stuart Patterson

    It’s a major Anniversary, I would love some sort of interaction with the Time Lines, or a nod to the future instead of always seemingly relying on Spock, use someone else from the fodder to create an exceptional story using some of the great actors from all the series. Character wise I think 7 of 9 could definitely be utilised again as there was the episode Relativity where she was used as a time agent, if she could be used again in this manor she could appear, in the new set, but Patrick Stewart needs a nod. You can do many things with in this new universe, but Picard and 7 would be a great addition if that could happen.