Eve Joins 1:30 Train



Star Trek into DarknessAlice Eve (Carol Marcus) has signed on and will appear with Chris Evans in 1:30 Train.

1:30 Train is the story of two strangers and their “serendipitous” meeting in Manhattan, where they “form an unlikely bond [in the course of one night] based on the conflicts in their own lives.”

Eve will play Evans’ love interest in the movie.

Source: Variety

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  • Trekkie2

    Bra and panties, tits and ass, and a lot of moaning from Eve’s boys, in the audience, is the only thing this movie has going for it. Not even Chris Evans is going to be able to pull this movie out of the dumps its already in. Wonder what the production budget is because I don’t think the movie will make it past $10 million.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    Hm? Apologies, I was… um… distracted. What was that about Alice Eve pulling a train in Manhattan?