Collectible Trek Die-cast Ship Models



A new set of collectible die-cast hand-painted Star Trek ship models will be released, beginning tomorrow.

The sixty-five-plus collection of ships comes courtesy of Eaglemoss.

A ship will be released every two weeks in this new collector’s club, and a twenty-page collector’s magazine giving ship details will accompany it. The details on each ship will include a profile of the ship, annotations, technology on board the ship, crew, weapons, behind-the-scenes articles regarding the construction of the ship, design sketches, shooting model(s) information and a history of the appearance of the ship on screen.

Some of the ships included will be: nine versions of the Enterprise, the Cardassian Hideki class, Romulan, Klingon, Dominion and Ferengi ships, Kremin Temporal Weapon, Equinox, Akira class ship and more.

The first of the six-inch-long ships to be released, the Enterprise NCC-1701-D, will cost $4.95, with following ships to cost $19.95 each.

To join the collector’s club, head to the link located here.


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  • Gary Mitchell

    That’s going to hurt the wallet.

  • Mike

    Not if you get them 5 years from now on eBay… Just look at the “collectors” plate market. But these are definitely the coolest bit of merch that’s been released in a while, I think.

  • James

    These have been out for a while now in the UK. Issue 1 with the Ent-D is great, the model is highly detailed and well made – the saucer is die-cast and the nacelles are plastic. It’s not in the duck-egg blue that Probert used, but it never came across as blue under studio lights, so I dont mind that. I love Proberts design and this is probably the best model of the bid D in my collection. Not bad for something so small.

    Issue 2 though is very dissapointing, the TMP Ent refit lacks detail and aztecing. So bad I didn’t buy it.

    Issue 3 is the Klingon BOP – very, very nice (wings fixed in cruise mode). Great attention to detail, including weathering. Stand is the best so far.

    Issue 4 is the NX01, which is an incredible model at this scale. There is so much detail on it, probably they had access to the filming CG model and because the ship is smaller they could show more features. It truly is a work of art – shame that I dislike the design so much. Now I respect Doug Drexler – who seems to have contributed all the CG work in the magazine, but the NX01 looks more advanced in style than the Matt Jefferies design. For example, you dont see that many windows and greebles on the clean simple lines of the original ship. Still, kudos to Drexler who wanted the NX01 to look like Matt Jefferies original concept art – that inspired the Pasteur in All Good Things. And I’ll always love the Vulcan ships from Enterprise.

  • milojthatch

    I really want to buy these, but I’m poor and my wife will never go for it. If they were only $10 cheaper…

  • Colin

    I received the first two issues.

    Issue #1: The model was broken just below the interconnecting dorsal. Disappointing.
    Issue #2. The model was terrible. There were design choices, like not putting the ball turrets on the dorsal primary hull when they put them on the ventral primary hull. There is a strange bump on the starboard side of the primary hull. And, the shuttlebay lights are a block of red that is off center. As for the magazine, they got dates wrong – TMP occurred in 2272 or 2273 at the earliest – and, on a plan of the ship, described the VIP lounge as a docking port.

    And, why didn’t they include a visual guide to putting the binder together?

    I cancelled my subscription.