Abrams’ Almost Human



Fans waiting for J.J. AbramsAlmost Human, starring Karl Urban, can see a short video promo now.

Almost Human is “an action-packed police drama set thirty-five years in the future, when police officers are partnered with highly evolved human-like androids. An unlikely connection is forged when a cop with an aversion to robots and a robot with unexpected emotional responses investigate cases in a brave new world.”

Urban will be playing “hardened detective” John Kennex, with Michael Ealy as his robot partner Dorian.

“It’s a show about human beings,” said Co-creator J.H. Wyman. “It’s a show about human life.”

“What I love about the show is it’s great characters in an incredibly unique situation, so the world is something that doesn’t feel like anything you’ve seen on TV,” said Abrams. “The characters are very unique.”

Almost Human will debut on Fox November 4th.

Source: Eonline

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  • Pass.

    1 season, maybe 2.

  • Heisenberg

    Cry havoc and let slip the trolls of Abram!

  • JWPlatt

    T’Bonz – The new Abrams picture is better. The abdominal cramps from looking at it haven’t gone away entirely, but they are at least tolerable without much medication. Here’s to hoping it will no longer incite others to violence like so much Clockwork Orange.

  • AbramsShmabroms

    Wow… this looks… really stupid.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    Yes, incredibly unique, unlike anything ever seen on television– except for Holmes and Yo-Yo, Cops and Robin, the horrible Westworld series, the Questor Tapes…

  • JoCat

    I’ve seen several of the preview trailers of this and am going to give it a try because Karl Urban stars in it. I think he is an awesome actor.

  • TBonzie

    LOL. You’re welcome. I’m still on the hunt for a better one though, but this will do until I find one.

  • Theragen Derivative

    Coming on the heels of his hot new movie, “Almost Star Trek”.

  • Theragen Derivative

    JJ’s fanbase tops out at age 29 (and tends to think the world began when they were born). It’s all brand-new as far as they’re concerned.

  • JWPlatt

    You forgot to mention Alien Nation.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    Indeed! Aliens instead of robots but the basic concept is the same.

  • Val Con yos’Phelium

    I’m surprised no one mentioned the Robot novels by Isaac Asimov.

  • Oswald Carnes

    And Future Cop. I wonder if Harlan Ellison will sue – that would make me laugh!

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    Oh hell yes. Harlan VS. Star Trek round two: FIGHT!!!

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    Indeed! Damn it’s been a long time since I’ve read those.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    Perhaps if we were to shave JJ’s butt and teach him to walk backwards?