September Ortiz Shot Glasses



Four shot glasses featuring the art of Juan Ortiz based on original series episodes are ready for pre-order.

The glasses are the fourteenth in an ongoing series of shot glasses offered by Bif Bang Pow!

The glasses to be released feature art based on the following Trek episodes: The Enterprise Incident, Court Martial, The Gamesters of Triskelion, and That Which Survives.

The set of four shot glasses will sell for $17.99 and pre-orders are being accepted now for a January 2014 release. To order the four shot glasses, head to the link located here.




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  • 1moreRobot

    I think this artist’s work is pretty neat-o. But this page almost reads like a product catalog for all these posters and shot glasses and related stuff. Is there so little else to say about Star Trek these days?

  • Mike

    In for a penny, in for a pound, I guess. They’ve been releasing things at a much faster pace recently than they were before. Once they started announcing the art for each episode, I think they were sort of locked in, in case some of the readers here wanted a particular one and wanted a heads up when it was available… So, yeah, I think they realize this has been a bit much lately, but they’ve also committed to releasing info to us about this set of products, so it’s a bit of a tightrope walk there.

    I do hope this site is getting a kickback, mind you lol

  • TBonzie

    Sometimes this is all there is. It’s not always easy to find news 5x a week with nothing in production at the moment (and when it is, they tend to lock down useful info). So merchandise fills in the gaps.

    Plus – some of the stuff is pretty neat and there are readers who are interested in Trek merchandise, as well as regular Trek news.