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If Zachary Quinto had his way, he would be doing more theater and less television and movies.

The actor, currently performing in The Glass Menagerie, loves both theater and New York.

“It (Hollywood) was always a means to an end to me,” Quinto said. “I always felt like I wanted to be in L.A. so that I could come back here (to New York) and do theater and now I’m making good on that promise to myself.”

In spite of his success in Hollywood, Quinto is not big-headed, and feels that he has paid his theater dues. “I didn’t want to come in, swoop in with my name above the title of the play like I was some Hollywood entity,” he said. “I’ve been doing theatre since I was ten. Theatre’s my jam. It’s my life, ultimately. If I could make a living just doing theatre, I feel like I really might.”

The actor is enjoying his work in The Glass Menagerie, and working in New York City is just icing on the cake. “I was walking to work today,” he said. “I’ve been walking the past few days because it’s so beautiful out, so I walk from downtown. And I was like, ‘This is my life’ – living in Manhattan, a dream I’ve always had, and I’m walking to my theatre on Broadway to do Tennessee Williams. It’s not lost on me. I really am humbled by it often. I feel really grateful.”

Source: Starpulse

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  • milojthatch

    That’s awesome! So maybe with this feeling, Zack should stop making JJ-Trek movies and stick to theater. Make everyone happy! 😀

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    He’s one of the best things about the reboot. Well, at least he was in the 2009 movie, where he was playing Spock.

  • Theragen Derivative

    In STD he appeared to be playing Bruce Banner.

  • Corylea

    From what I read, MOST actors prefer theatre. It must be great, getting instant feedback from an audience about your performance, rather than playing to a camera, which doesn’t react. I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying yourself, Mr. Quinto; I think the rejuvenation that comes from performing in live theatre will be good for you.

    A character who’s very important to millions of people has been given into your hands, though, Mr. Quinto. I hope you’ll try to protect Mr. Spock in the same way that Mr. Nimoy tried to protect him during the TOS years. Read both of Mr. Nimoy’s autobiographies, and you’ll see just how much energy Mr. Nimoy expended in trying to keep Spock consistent. Too bad you didn’t manage to keep Spock from crying, screaming, or beating people up in “Into Darkness.” *sigh*

  • Corylea

    *chuckle* Good one!