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A Mission Log Podcast featuring Star Trek into Darkness Writer Roberto Orci is now available.

The podcast, almost two hours in length, has Orci speaking in depth about Star Trek and the rebooted Abrams movies.

Some of the topics on the podcast include Orci’s beginnings with Star Trek, the movies including the choice of the villain, fan interactions and feedback from fans, sexism in Star Trek into Darkness and future plans for Star Trek.

At first, Orci didn’t want to work on Star Trek (2009) because he valued Star Trek so much. “Are you kidding? I didn’t want to touch it,” he said. “[When Paramount called us] and said, ‘‘Hey, do you want to do Star Trek?’ Yeah, we’re interested, but I don’t wanna come and screw it up. I don’t wanna mess with something that I love. Unless we have an idea, we’re not just going to say yes.”

Looking beyond Star Trek in to Darkness, Orci would like to see it both on television and in the theater. “I do think Star Trek is wonderful for TV,” he said. “I think it should be both. I saw a Next Generation movie, I won’t say which, but I though ‘‘Ahh, it’s slightly succumb to the trappings of movie making. A lot of action and not enough philosophy.’ It’s interesting to read that criticism of some of the stuff we’ve done in the last two [movies]…But, I do think that audiences are sophisticated enough that Star Trek can be Star Trek in both mediums now.”

Orci believes that Trek still has a future, even beyond the third Abrams movie. “Star Trek ain’t going anywhere,” he said. “It’s going to outlive all of us. And it’s going to be translated into every kind of delivery system you can imagine. It’s not going away from TV either. It just depends on when it comes back and how it’s programmed against the movies.”

To hear the podcast, head to the link located here. The podcast with Orci is Supplemental 058A: Bob Orci.

Source: Mission Log Podcastvia TrekMovie.com

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  • Theragen Derivative

    It takes Orci almost two hours to tell us to “FUCK OFF”?

  • Bob

    Basically he confirmed what I suspected all along…they wrote the movie *without* having Khan specifically in mind, then once it was done–to paraphrase him–they asked, “*now* can we just change his name to Khan”?
    In other words, there wasn’t any *need* for John Harrison to actually be Khan, and the name change (IMO) cheapened the whole thing.

  • Nobody

    2 hours of belly-aching. I’ve warmed up to a lot of people by listen to them on podcasts. He, however, failed to change my opinion about him.

  • Milojthatch

    Wait a second, the same man who helped write the two JJ Trek films is complaining because a TNG film had “too much action and not enough philosophy?” Really??

    I think I need some Advil because that just created one hell of a headache!

  • Mike

    Yeah, what a joke this guy is… unfortunately, nobody is laughing except them… at us.

  • Kang the Unbalanced


  • Kang the Unbalanced

    Well. Thank you, now I won’t regret not wasting two hours of my life listening to it.

  • trekfan

    I think we all see the irony in Orci’s statement.

  • trekfan

    “Are you kidding? I didn’t want to touch it. … I don’t wanna come and screw it up.” – Orci

    Your intuition was right, Orci, you should’ve listened to it.

  • Guest

    Orci: “…I don’t wanna come and screw it up.”

    Me: “Too late, bud. You screwed it up BIG time.”