Meaney In A Belfast Story



Star Trek: Deep Space Nine‘s Colm Meaney‘s latest movie is appearing on British movie screens.

Meaney is starring in A Belfast Story, a murder thriller set in Northern Ireland.

In A Belfast Story, set years after the “Troubles,” Meaney takes on the role of a Protestant detective who is assigned to investigate the murders of retired IRA members by a “mysterious vigilante group.”

The string of killings threatens to unravel the careers of the First Minister, and a police chief, both of whom had past links to terrorist groups involved in The Troubles.

A Belfast Story runs a little over an hour and a half, and was released in the U.K. on Friday. It is expected to appear overseas in due course on television or other home viewing formats.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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  • Athena28

    He never stops working.

  • Mike

    Although we seem to be caught up on what Zoe Saldana is doing, I don’t recall seeing anything on this site reference Hell on Wheels, a show he’s practically the co-lead of… and in which, he’s great.

  • TBonzie

    I did a story on that way back, when Hell on Wheels first began.

  • Theragen Derivative

    And he’s damned good.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    Unless I’m mistaken that was what’s known in the industry as an “Oh snap”.

  • TBonzie

    I like Colm Meaney. I’m always on it when there’s a story about him.

  • Mike

    Well, for those who didn’t get on board in 2011, they just started season 3, and, of course, Colm Meaney continues to shine in his central role. If you haven’t watched, I encourage everyone to jump on board… AMC does some quality stuff, and this is one of them.

  • Daniel Ireland

    Jump on board… nice one.

  • Mike

    I try.