Abrams To Produce Westworld Pilot



J.J. Abrams will join Jonathon Nolan and Jerry Weintraut as executive producers on a remake of 1973’s Westworld.

The original Westworld starred Yul Brynner, and led to a sequel, Futureworld, and to a short-lived television series.

In Westworld, a “futuristic theme park [is] split into three distinct areas — West World, Medieval World and Roman World. However, things soon go wrong as the robots built to interact with human customers malfunction, attacking and killing anyone they see.”

The remake of Westworld will air on HBO, with the pilot being written by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. Nolan will also direct.

The new Westworld is described as “a dark odyssey about the dawn of artificial consciousness and the future of sin.”

If the series is picked up by HBO, it could begin airing next year.

Source: Airlock Alpha

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  • Blue Thunder

    Not a smart career move on Abrams and Bad Robot’s part.

    Seriously, how can anyone top the 1973 MHM classic. Let alone Yul Brynner’s memorable performance as the gunslinger?

    First The Andromeda Strain was reamde and now this!

    Michael Crichton must be rolling his grave!

  • Blue Thunder

    Correction MGM Classic.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    I dunno; one of the major themes of Westworld was image over reality, production over any real meaning or humanity. I’d say JJ and the ubiquitous knuckleheads should be perfect for it.

  • Oswald Carnes

    Has Abrams ever done anything even remotely original? “Lost” was basically a really pretentious version of Gilligan’s Island, and since then it seems like he’s dropped all pretense.