Breaking Bad Star Trek Scene


Last night’s episode of Breaking Bad featured a conversation about Star Trek, and this Trek-related segment of the show has now been animated.

In Breaking Bad, Walter White (Bryan Cranston), a high school chemistry teacher, turns to crime when he is diagnosed with terminal cancer, and along with a former student, Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), turns to methamphetamine production so that he can provide for his family before he dies from lung cancer.

In the episode, Blood Money, Jesse’s friends Badger and Skinny Peter have a conversation about Star Trek, and come up with a wacky idea for an episode of the original series, which includes a pie-eating contest and Scotty at the transporter giving an assist to one of the contestants.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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  • Athena28

    Terrific. It was fun scene on the real show but this is so well done. How’d they get it done so quickly, I wonder?

  • Mike

    I actually liked the discussion that took place right before this about beaming actually being a copy and thus they kill the protagonists in just about every show… I thought that was an interesting observation from Badger and Skinny Pete.

  • Guest

    The discussion was riddled with errors from a Trek perspective, but this is likely intentional, as the characters are idiot druggies.

  • Peter

    Sounds like a future diet program IMHO – Weight Watchers TNG!

    On second thought, let’s hope mankind invents FTL before transporters that are able to do this, or we’ll all be sitting around planetbound just eating tasty junk food 24/7 for the rest of history…

  • Mike

    Yeah, how sad is it that I wanted to quibble with stoner meth addicts about the gamma quadrant and tulaberries being from DS9 instead of Voyager? One of my nerdier moments, to be sure.

    But, they weren’t wrong that the transporter can be seen as a disintegration and reintegration tool which effectively destroys and recreates an object or person, but it could be argued that it’s a copy and destruction of the original, much like in The Prestige…. which is an interesting observation.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    Many Bothan spies di– waitaminnit; wrong franchise.

  • pgf_666

    NOW you know how Saturn got its rings–and what happened to the Saturnians!


  • Geiger

    (raises brow) …They all tangled with Thor?

  • pgf_666

    Well, after they’d beamed their guts out, you know they were VERY Thor, indeed…,.