Behind The Scenes Of Star Trek Into Darkness


Several clips have been released featuring some of the behind-the-scenes content from the forthcoming Blu-ray release of Star Trek into Darkness.

The clips show how the Enterprise set was designed to make it seem more realistic for the actors, and how the Enterprise’s set was transformed to create the set of the other Federation starship captained by Admiral Marcus.

The first clip, seen here, features J.J. Abrams explaining how a “well-built ship set helped the actors more convincingly deliver their performances.”

Zoe Saldana introduces the second clip, seen below; where it is shown how Kirk’s Enterprise set is redressed to become the ship commanded by Admiral Marcus. Peter Weller, who played Marcus, appears in the short video.

Star Trek into Darkness releases on Blu-ray on September 10.

Source: StarTrek.comvia CraveOnline

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  • Mike

    lol wow

    I wonder how many meetings the brain trust had to come up with, “well, if we want to turn the good guys’ set into the bad guys’ set, why don’t we just repaint it from white to black?”

    Where have you gone Herman Zimmerman? A nation turns its lonely eyes to you….

  • JWPlatt

    Too bad I’m not buying because of Paramount’s money-grabbing exclusive deals that split all the extras for various retailers. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I’m waiting for the all-inclusive disk or never, whichever happens first.

  • Theragen Derivative

    Will the Abrams clip be on the Best Buy Blu-ray release, the Target Blu-ray release, the Costco Blu-ray release, the Home Depot Blu-ray release, the iTunes supplementary download, or the Sam Goody VHS Retro edition?

    And the Saldana clip, will that one be on the Best Buy Blu-ray release, the….

  • Mike

    BTW, anyone that thinks ^THAT is an improvement over Nichelle Nichols is blind.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    I prefer my own solution. Not buying it at all. Problem solved.

  • matineer

    I’m surprised they redressed a set, considering the Vengeance must have been 20X the bulk of Enterprise, which would (not necessarily) imply a bigger bridge, like the Excelsior in Star Trek III. This seems to be another inexplicable cost cutting move in what was reported to be a 190 million dollar picture, along with factory sets, pullover officer tunics, office buildings and, except for shots of cities, relatively short cgi scenes without a major space battle. Even in Star Trek III, Nimoy created a Starbase lounge, officers club, monitor station, security section, Vulcan surface, Genesis, volcanoes, Bird of Prey, tons of nifty Vulcan ceremonial clothes and an obviously different Excelsior bridge. And since engineering is a brewery, Paramount doesn’t have any sets to reuse, either.