Star Trek: Renegades Needs Fan Help


Star Trek: Renegades is hoping to create a “full new Star Trek pilot” in hopes of getting an online or cable series from CBS.

To produce their pilot, Star Trek: Renegades has started an Indiegogo campaign to raise revenue for the project.

The Renegade story will begin “ten years after Voyager’s return from the Delta Quadrant,” with “the Federation … in crisis. Someone has caused space and time to fold around several planets, all of which are the Federation’s main suppliers of dilithium, essentially cutting off the supply for several millennia. Starfleet’s methods to stop those responsible have been ineffective. This necessitates more drastic measures, some of which are outside the Federation’s jurisdiction. It now falls to Admiral Pavel Chekov, head of Starfleet Intelligence, and Commander Tuvok, Voyager’s former security officer and new head of the clandestine Section 31, to put together a new covert, renegade crew – primarily comprised of outcasts, rogues and even criminals. But can they refrain from killing each other to accomplish their task? That may be the bigger question.”

Plenty of former Star Trek actors will be in Star Trek: Renegades, including: Tim Russ, Walter Koenig, J.G. Hertzler, Robert Picardo, Gary Graham, Garrett Wang, Manu Intiraymi, and Richard Herd.

Others included in the project will be: Adrienne Wilkinson, Corin Nemec, Edward Furlong, Larissa Gomes, Tarah Paige, Grant Imahara. Courtney Peldon, Vic Mignogna, Chasty Ballesteros and Kevin Fry.

Part of the reason for the need for additional revenue is the desire to add more cast to the pilot, add several additional shooting days, better makeup and props and to build sets for an alien world to be featured in the story.

Rewards will be given to those contributing, with the perks ranging from a digital download of the official movie poster and full access to exclusive web content for those donating $10, to a set visit, associate producer credit, exclusive autograph package and more for those contributing $10,000.

The Star Trek: Renegades Indiegogo campaign will run through Friday, September 13. To donate and to see more information on Star Trek: Renegades, head to the link located


Source: Star Trek: Renegades Indiegogo

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  • Kang the Unbalanced

    McCoy lived that long out of sheer stubbornness. Spock probably teased him about the brevity of human lifespans at some point. McCoy’d do it just to spite him. As a matter of fact we don’t have an canon stating his death, now, do we? Hmm.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    I do recall that Shatner refused to appear with Nichelle and George and I think Walter at James Doohan’s last public appearance. I’ll have to go look for why. I’d thought at the time it was a new pinnacle in douchebaggery. I also think I’ve heard somewhere he regretted his behavior, but I’ll have to dig for that too. I never know whether these are things that I read at some point or just the voices in my head again.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    Oh no. Michael Ansara’s dead? I… I don’t know how I missed that.
    Oh wait, yes I do. Wednesdays are ECT days.

  • Mike

    I agree, that would’ve been better. But I’d rather have them on an actual exploration than a Khan rehash of any form, to be honest… but the way you frame it there would’ve been infinitely better than what we got, and you’re spot on with the hollowness of Nimoy’s addition to STD.

  • Mike

    Yeah, I’m somewhat surprised it wasn’t up first thing this morning.

  • Mike

    I’ve subsequently looked it up… and from the article I read, the story comes from 2010 about a 2004 convention that was Doohan’s last and a tribute to him onstage. The closest that article comes to actually incriminating Shatner is Takei’s 6 year old recollection of what he could only have heard, if getting it as close as possible from the source, third hand… Apparently, Shatner told the con organizer… the con organizer told someone… maybe Chris Doohan… but at some point, Chris Doohan posted it on his blog, but then deleted it, and Takei is then talking about it 6 years after the fact.

    Might be true. But what I found is more gossip than much else, from a comedy based radio program (it was talked about by Takei on Howard Stern, apparently), and Takei has a huge axe to grind with Shatner… So, I take it with a grain of salt at this point… maybe I didn’t find the appropriate article.

    Shatner did attend the convention, and did pose for pictures with Doohan, so there seems to probably be more to it for the stage thing… Nimoy didn’t do the stage either, maybe they both had other conflicts.

  • Nico Kensing

    Using a man’s son’s death as a way to attack him is pretty sh*tty itself and quite ignorant but to reply to you is giving you the idea that you or your words actually mean something.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    There’s been no updates since last Friday. Highly unusual. I’m starting to wonder if T’Bonz is alright.

  • Blue Thunder

    I’m not using the death of Walter’s son as a method of attacking him. I’m not as low as Vic Mignogna is. If you want definitions for the words shitty and ignorant, you need not look any furthur than VM. He inherits all of those negative qualities and a lot worse.

    All that aside, the information about Walter was revealed to me by that same friend who worked with Walter Koenig for many years on his Official fan page and on that Phase 2 episode that was Walter’s last appearance as Chekov(i.e. To Serve All My Days). That same friend who was also hurt by Walter’s behavior.

    Granted that the death of a child can make a parent act diferently, but it is still no excuse to come off as an egocentric jerk about it!

    I don’t blame George Takei for having an axe to grind with Bill Shatner. Having met Bill Shatner, myself, the man can be an egotistical shit when it comes to certain behavioral patterns.

    Even though I don’t think very highly of Chris Doohan, I can only speculate as to why he deleted his post concerning that incident with Shatner. That being, just to avoid a confrontation with Shatner, or prevent such a conflict from escalating.

  • Mike

    It is odd… There’s been plenty of Trek news, from the news of Ansara’s passing, to what Karl Urban said about basically wanting a Star Trek movie I think you and I could be on board with (exploring new ground):

    and then the response from Orci and Kurtzman.

    Hopefully all is well with the powers that be and we can talk about those things soon.

  • Mike

    When was the last time you speculated about Star Trek and took a break from the politics of fan productions for a few weeks?

  • Blue Thunder

    I wouldn’t concern myself with T’Bonz, regardless of what the issue is.

    Here’s an article from CNN about Michael Ansara’s passing.

    It’s sad that all of the main Klingon characters are no longer with us. John Colicos, William Campbell, and Michael Ansara were remarkable actors. Their contributions to the Star Trek realm, as well as acting in general, will always be remembered.

  • Mike

    I’m not sure if that’s you being optimistic about T’Bonz’s ability to wiggle out of any situation, or you being a jerk… Hopefully the former.

  • Blue Thunder

    Honestly, Michael, it’s been a long time.

  • Blue Thunder

    I hate to disappoint you, Mike, but when it comes to T’Bonz’s ability about anything(regardless of the situation), no I am not being optimistic. If that makes me come off as a jerk, then so be it.

  • Mike

    It doesn’t make you come off as anything. It makes you a jerk. Kang suggested that he hoped everything was okay with him, and you came along and basically said you didn’t care if he was dead. That’s not coming off as being a jerk… that’s just being a jerk. Whatever issues you have with the administrator of this site, this is his site and you participate here by his allowance. Suggesting that it doesn’t matter whether he lives or dies? What? Because he has pretty much, in your mind, sided with Vic Mignogna? And, I presume you’ve come to that conclusion because free reign hasn’t fully been given to you to continue grinding your axe… then again, you post about it at least once a week and often quite more often… and, to my knowledge, there’s only been one instance of your posts being removed, and I really don’t think that had anything to do with the basis of the content, but I could be wrong… But it doesn’t matter. No matter what property dispute, or catfight over a fucking Star Trek fan production, or internet fights you may have, and no matter what axe to grind you have with Vic Mignogna, and NO MATTER WHAT HE HAS EVER DONE, what you just wrote is a whole lot more douchey. If he’s a narcissist who wants to play James Kirk and will screw people to achieve that…. okay… You just said, based on T’Bonz’s opinion of that, that you don’t care if he lives or dies.


  • Mike

    Yeah, no kidding. Nobody here cares about your personal politics within the realm of fan productions… Seriously. We. Don’t. Care. And, since you clearly aren’t actually interested in discussing Star Trek, but rather only discussing the politics of Star Trek fan productions, why should we care? We’re here to discuss Star Trek, not the politics of your asinine little productions. I don’t care if you write them. I don’t care if you produce them. I don’t care if you wank to them. I don’t care if you’re James Cawley. I don’t care if you’re Evil Vic Mignogna from the mirror universe. NOBODY CARES ABOUT ANY OF THIS.

    So, and here’s a shocking idea, how about you actually talk about Star Trek or go somewhere where they do care about this stupid shit you seem obsessed with? I can tell you, we’re all pretty tired of it here…

    But, feel free to make another post and instantly sign out and in as a guest to up vote yourself… they’re the only ones you get, since you’re the only one that cares, and since you get upvoted about 10 seconds after every post you make, it’s pretty obvious what you’re doing there…. but, if you really need that much validation in the form of internet votes, and really, it’s not shocking that you do, carry on.

  • Blue Thunder


    First off(And this may come off as a surprise to you)T’Bonz has nothing to do with Vic Mignogna. At least not to my knowledge.

    Second, T’Bonz is a she. An older woman. Old as my mother. Maybe even older.

    Third, my dislike for T’Bonz only has to do with her rudeness and her potty mouth(conduct unbecoming of a lady).

    Finally – Quit putting words in my mouth. I didn’t say I didn’t care if she was dead. I didn’t even suggest anything of that nature. If I wanted to say and suggest those two exactly, I WOULD DEFINITELY say so. Straight Up!

    I just don’t concern myself with anything that she does and I don’t concern myself with whatever abilities she has about wiggling her way out of any situation. If she didn’t have a potty mouth and act with rudeness, then maybe I would have confidence in her abilities to have considerable success in whatever(IF ANY)situation she is involved in. Simple as that. If that makes me come as more douchey, so be it. If anything is more douchey, it was you saying that I said such a thing, let alone suggesting it.

    If anybody needs any fucking perspective, you certainly could use some.

    You take it or leave it on that basis.

  • Blue Thunder

    I’m not going to debate the issue or explain myself to you.

    So, I would suggest the following concerning your objections as to what I post.


    There is such a thing as the Freedom Of Speech. Freedom Of The Press. And the Freedom To Voice Your Opinions.

    And if you can’t stand the heat, then stay out of the fucking kitchen!

    As far as the internet votes are concerned, I know nothing about the system behind it. I only concern myself with what I post and not what other people think. Regardless of how neanderthal or animal-like their reactions are to such opinions.

    Did it ever occur to you that some do share in the opinions and editorials that I have posted? Obviously not. If some do, fine. If some don’t, fine.

  • Blue Thunder

    It’s pretty much what Theragen Derivative described below.

    Hard to believe that Walter is involved in this soon to be mess of a Star Trek fan film. Let alone Richard Herd(who seems like a really cool person).

    They must be really desperate for work.

  • nevilleross

    Note that I said, somewhat.

  • Mike

    I noted it, and then disregarded the word as worthless. Something is either canon or it is not. There’s no grey area for canon. Canon is that which is inviolable and official. Nothing about this project will be that. Nothing about future Trek is reliant or dependent upon this production and any further Trek will have no restraint to adhere to this… by the very definition that makes this not remotely canon. In the original continuity? Sure… NOT canon… not even somewhat.

  • Mike

    1. I presumed, perhaps wrongly, that your apparent dislike of T’Bonz stemmed from something to do with Vic Mignogna… admittedly, I played the numbers therein… but, the point was, no matter why you don’t like the person, suggesting what you did was out of line.

    2. I don’t care if T’Bonz is a hermaphrodite who is 2 years old. It changes nothing.

    3. You’re a rude little troll on her site. It’s certainly not up to you to decide whether her actions are sufficiently ladylike. Somehow, I doubt she’s trying to impress your dumb ass…

    4. When Kang suggested that he hoped everything was alright with her, and you came back in and said you didn’t care one way or the other, guess what? You did suggest exactly that. His comment was expressing concern for her well being. Your comment negated that sentiment… “regardless of what the issue is. ” So, if Kang had said, I hope she’s not dead, your response would’ve been, “I wouldn’t concern myself with T’Bonz, regardless of what the issue is.” See, regardless of what the issue is directly states that if the issue were death, you wouldn’t care… Ergo, exactly what I said, moron.

  • Mike

    lol, what a liar. Yeah, I’m sure someone is following your every word and within 10 minutes, quite literally, of you posting every time someone follows you around and up votes your comments… yeah…. we all believe that………

    You’re free to say whatever you want. As am I… and the administrators are free to ban you on their board if they want… and after your comment above, I would were I T’Bonz. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean you’re free to say whatever you want wherever you want without consequence. You’re a whiny little bitch at this point with an axe to grind over a number of people…..

    In the end, the one thing that you’ve said that makes everything here up through now quite clear is this: “Having met Bill Shatner, myself, the man can be an egotistical shit when it comes to certain behavioral patterns.” You mean nutjob? Or some other kind of behavioral issue? Do you have Asperger’s or something that makes you this kind of douchebag nutjob, or is it some other kind of screwed up? Maybe Shatner just has a keen sense for assholes?

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    Actually, this is quantum canon. Until it either does or does not get made official, its canonical status is merely a probability waveform.

  • Blue Thunder

    And you, sir, are without a doubt, someone who clearly demonstrates, by their atypical and illogical behavior, that the human race hasn’t progressed for the better.
    It may not be up to me, but regardless of what century it is, be it the 21st or onward, having a potty mouth is still no excuse to communicate opinions or issues. Sadly, it seems that is not the case. Jim Kirk was obviously correct in his analysis of human relations in the late 20th Century(i.e. the discussion he had with Spock in Star Trek IV – The Voyage Home).

    So on that note, in response to your colorful labels consisting of the words dumb ass and moron, I have the following rebuke:

    Cruciatus in crucem. Eas En Crucem.

  • Blue Thunder

    Well, it takes one to no one, Mike, but If Bill Shatner has a keen sense for what you just described, you yourself would qualify for such a description. Or descriptions, as you have so colorfully described in your usage of profanity. Lord knows your whining about J.J. Abrams proves that the dark side of Star Trek fandom is still, rather regretfully, alive and well.

    Hitler would have been proud at such negative and festering hostility.

    Frankly, whether you or others believe that or not, is something that you yourselves have to deal with. It’s neither my problem or concern.

    Smoke that in your tail-pipe.

  • Mike

    There’s no such thing as free speech on a private forum. The administrators of this site could ban you at their pleasure. You don’t have any RIGHT to speak freely here. You are allowed to say what you say by the good graces of the administration.

    Now, it’s not my fault you didn’t understand English enough to realize the implications of what you said.

  • Mike

    Wow, you just went to Hitler. Nice one.

    So, I’m done with this. I’m not done with you, or this subject, I’m done playing nicely… and you’re done getting a free hand here.

    There will never again be a moment when you can come to this site and post your bullshit about this without me being on it like a pack of flies, chum. You won’t get to say this stupidity and have everyone ignore you anymore. You will be challenged, questioned, and interminably mocked henceforth. I hope it’s worth it. Enjoy that.

  • Matt

    That ship is UGGG-LLLY

  • Blue Thunder

    And a Sieg Heil to you too, Mein Herr.

  • Blue Thunder

    You brought it on with the name calling, Michael. I never once called you anything like dumbass, bitch, or moron. When you did that, you were already done playing nicely. Smooth move on your part, Ex-Lax. Posting that type of bullshit certainly proved your true colors.

    Since you have stooped to a new level in disrespect, as well as stupidity on your end, the GLOVES ARE OFF!

    I hope it was worth it.

  • Mike

    Oh, I see, that’s the problem… I guess, somehow, you think you actually have the RIGHT to do whatever you want here, as though this place is somehow a public entity rather than a private endeavour. Sad, really, that you’re just that damn dumb.

  • Mike

    So, before I really do go after you, what’s wrong with you? By your comment above, obviously you have some sort of behavioral issue. So, before I go picking on someone with a mental condition, care to share? If you actually do have OCD or Asperger’s or something like that, I’d hate to pick on you when you’re compelled by your infirmity from being anything other than the kook you apparently are. So, if you are the way you are because of some condition, that’s one thing. If you’re a normal person acting like this? Sad, really. So, let me know, lest I spend my time going after someone that should be medalling in the Special Olympics.

  • Blue Thunder

    If anything is sad and dumb, it was when you stooped to a juvenille level and resorted to childish name calling.

  • Mike

    As opposed to making up things about Walter Koenig or William Shatner based on your own axes to grind? lol Or, were you being more mature when you petulantly suggested you didn’t care whether something bad had happened to another human being because of your petty bullshit? M O R O N.

  • Blue Thunder

    I didn’t make up things about either Bill Shatner or Walter Koenig, you sanctimonious prick! I’ve met Bill Shatner before, and i can honestly say that the man is a jerk. I’ve met Walter Koenig on more than one occassion(hell, I even had lunch with him at a convention back in 2008). At first he was cool. But after what tragically happened to his son and the events that followed, he has gone the same path that Bill Shatner has.

    As far as T’Bonz goes, I was being honest. I’m not going to beat around the bush when it comes to people that I like and people that I don’t like. I tell it like it is. You don’t like it, that is your problem. I’m not going to debate the issue with you.

  • Blue Thunder

    Yes, I will be more than happy to share. At least to a point. There is a fine line I draw regarding my personal life. And it is one I won’t ever compromise.

    Straight up, you are right about one of the behavioral issues(i.e. the OCD or Asperger’s). I won’t say which of the two they are, since that is personal business in nature, but you are correct about one of the two. You can decide which of the two it is.

    SO, maybe you will reconsider your decision in pursuing me due to our recent quarrel.

    To quote Spock from Requiem For Methuselah, “Unless you are certain of the outcome, I would suggest that you refrain from a most useless experiment.”

    I make no apologies for speaking my mind or telling it like it is. While some may consider it a lack of a social filter, I prefer to think of it as being brutally honest, straightforward, and to the point. I don’t give two shits in hell as to what people think or how they feel about my editorials and opinions.
    As far as Vic Mignogna and FF is concerned, it is like this. Both have hurt and pissed off a lot of people. Some of those people are friends of mine. Vic is the worst of them all. And he has to answer for all of that. Something for which that has been long in coming.

    Especially in other areas that are quite controversial and really stray into legal territory concerning his fanbase(of the female variety).

  • Mike

    You just did, actually.

    Because someone wasn’t nice to you at some point doesn’t mean you know them, even remotely.

    As far as being a jerk, I’m pretty confident we’ve had to endure your idiocy far more than either of them did, and I can’t imagine anyone here thinking you’re anything but a jerk… and, before you say it, yes, the same could be said of me… thus proving my point.

  • Mike

    Did it ever cross your mind that you are confrontational in person? Or in some other way socially awkward? You blamed Shatner for basically not hugging it out with you… what’s up with that? You want to keep what the deal is to yourself, and that’s fine, I don’t really need to know the specifics, but, did Shatner? Or did you just come off as a jerk, or a nutjob, or any other manifestation of what could have possibly happened?

    “While some may consider it a lack of a social filter, I prefer to think of it…”

    Okay, so, let’s just say you have Asperger’s… Isn’t one of the primary symptoms of that a lack of empathy? Being unable to put yourself into another person’s shoes socially? So, isn’t it possible that you’ve engendered some of the responses you’ve gotten?

    “I don’t give two shits in hell as to what people think or how they feel about my editorials and opinions.”

    Then why offer them endlessly?

    “To quote Spock from Requiem For Methuselah, ‘Unless you are certain of the outcome, I would suggest that you refrain from a most useless experiment.'”

    Ummmmm, let me be clear, I asked about your condition so I wouldn’t feel bad later for something I’ve said or if I’ve been too harsh… In no way does it absolve you from a competent response to your bs.

    “Especially in other areas that are quite controversial and really stray into legal territory concerning his fanbase(of the female variety).”

    You’re nothing but a trash monger.

  • Blue Thunder

    I don’t make things up. Need I remind you that others, fans even, have made the same complaints about Bill Shatner.

    Are they making that up? I don’t think so. It just confirms what I encountered back in 1992 and again in 1996.

    I doubt that makes them jerks or those whose idiocy that Bill has endured.

    As far as Walter is concerned, his behavior is just now only coming into the mainstream(for lack of a better word).

  • Mike


    Who cares? You act like they owe you something. If they’re jerks, they’re jerks. It has never changed my enjoyment of their performances as their characters. They don’t owe you anything beyond that, and that, they’ve already given.

  • Blue Thunder

    No sir, I am not.

    I am someone who is fed up with the harm this maniac has caused. Someone who thinks he is above others, if not the law, itself. Like Edward R. Murrow did concerning Senator Joseph McCarthy and the foolish Communist witch hunts, as well as what Robert Woodward and Carl Bernstein did concerning Richard Nixon’s involvement regarding Watergate, I’m hoping that my editorials will reveal what kind of a toxic narcisscistic monster VM really is.

    And that way is the Freedom Of Speech. The Old School Way. The gathering of information and speaking with others who are related to the issues in question.

  • Blue Thunder

    It’s the principle of the matter, Michael.

    Maybe good manners, civililty, decency, and professionalism are dead to some in the 21st Century.
    But to others, it is not. It is alive and well.

    An actor’s success is based on those who continue to watch them and their work. It’s not just the studios that also help pay them their salaries, it is also the public that helps keep them in business.

    George Takei once said(concerning the original idea of Star Trek VI that Harve Bennett conjured up)that even though Gene Roddenberry and Paramount were technically his bosses, he stated that his real bosses were the fans themselves. The public that kept Star Trek alive after its cancellation.

    And look what the power of the public can do to influence an artist or artists’ success or failure.
    Why do think Harrison Ford is more than happy to sign autographs when the occassion presents itself?

    He summed it up best. “It’s always nice to meet a paying customer.”
    See the point.

  • ElectricPrism

    A 5 minuet series of picture and sound that tells you nothing about Star Trek Renegades other than

    “It’s going to be great, and it’s that greatness that will make it great… And that greatness is going to make it the greatest because its dark…”

    Also – this description is a kiss of death for the story from the start

    “Renegades will be a departure from previous Treks – delving into the
    dark side of the human psyche, pushing our heroes to their limits,
    forcing them to carry out actions that they never would have as
    Starfleet officers.”

    Who thought this would be a good idea? Star Trek TNG was _ALWAYS_ a light hearted space adventure for the family that was about exploring morality and scientific theory.

    Gene Roddenberry is spinning in his grave over this.

  • ElectricPrism

    TOS and TNG each had very distinctive characters and their episodes were often designed to have a moral message – something I miss from the old movies and tv series.

    This Renegades wants to “explore the dark side of the human psyche” – and that doesn’t belong in a Star Trek anything. Keep that Star Wars Episode 3 crap out of Star Trek for good.

  • ElectricPrism

    “Renegades will be a departure from previous Treks – delving into the
    dark side of the human psyche, pushing our heroes to their limits,
    forcing them to carry out actions that they never would have as
    Starfleet officers.”

    Keep that Star Wars Episode 3 crap out of Star Trek.

  • ElectricPrism

    Hopefully he doesn’t die during the filming of the TV Series, that could throw a real monkey wrench in their plans.

  • ElectricPrism

    Lol, being put in stasis doesn’t explain Chekov looking 40+ years older. Kahn and other characters like Amelia Earhart were put in stasis and came out looking exactly the same age.

  • nevilleross

    Why should there even be a ‘right’ timeline? And who the frack are you and the other obdurate stuck-in-the-past Trekfans to be even determining what is the ‘right’ timeline or canon?

    Why don’t you find something else to watch and stop with all of this constant bitching and sniping about the new movies? We all get it; this isn’t your kind of Star Trek! So stop sniping about it, and if you have nothing nice to say about the new Star Trek movies, SAY NOTHING! Like it or not, Star Trek has to change and progress, and in order to be a viable franchise, it will make changes and go on without you and the other obdurate fools here.For our souls and your health, put the frack up or shut the frack up.