Quinto’s Surprising Trek 3 News


Zachary Quinto expects to be working on Star Trek 3 soon, and believes that a familiar face will be directing the film.

Appearing at the 2013 Galway Film Fleadh last week, Quinto said that “Star Trek 3 should be filming, I suppose, next year.”

“It’s going to be made a lot quicker than the last one,” he added. “That’s the plan, although nothing is confirmed yet.”

None of that information is terribly surprising, but during the interview, Quinto said something that was, namely that he expected J.J. Abrams to be directing Star Trek 3.

With Abrams working on the newest Star Wars film, it has been assumed that Abrams would be tied up and available to direct the next Trek movie.

Source: Buzzhub

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  • yeppers

    I think cuz doesn’t have a clue as to what really is going to happen going on the simple fact that JJ will be tied up with Star Wars.

  • AndrewLynch1

    I got very excited for a minute. Fantasies of Abrams being too busy with Star Trek The Thrill Ride 3 to saunter over to another beloved property and ruin that one, too. One can dream.

  • Rad

    With the dud that was “Darkness”, Paramount probably wants to get the last of the agreed picture deals made so they can mothball the franchise again.

  • garak

    zack snyder.

  • Peach Wookiee

    Dud? Really? Dude, you have not been looking at the box office returns. It’s half a billion dollars! That ain’t no dud!

  • AndrewLynch1

    Dud. Really. Regardless of your fixation with money.

  • Mike


    That was kind of a silly thing to say. The conversation wasn’t about his relationship with money, but rather, the studio’s relationship with money… and, I assure you, the studio only really cares how much money their properties make.

    So, while we may think it was awful, if it makes enough money, they won’t.

  • Matineer

    Not really looking forward to more Kirk learning on the job — and leaking crew out the side — Spock/Uhura lover’s spats, breweries and office buildings, but I can easily see Bad Robot rushing the next one ( I think they rushed STID, even the CGI wasn’t all that extensive). If they wait, they could lose the whole thing altogether. Shame they can’t at least get new writers for the 50th anniversary. The talent that has worked on that show is incredible.

  • Blue Thunder

    Well, if the third film is to be the last one, then so be it.

    The resurgence was fun while it lasted.