New Star Trek Costumes


Some high-end authentic reproductions of Star Trek uniforms were unveiled at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.

The costumes include pieces from the original series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek (2009), and Star Trek into Darkness.

For Star Trek (2009), replica trousers from the movie will be available and will sell for $150.

Star Trek into Darkness fans have several choices; an undershirt retailing for $85, and a Star Trek into Darkness Khan jacket.

Original series fans have more options; two trousers (either S1 or S3) for $150 each, a “Captain’s Wrap” shirt for $650, and standard tunics (Kirk/Spock/Scotty) for $199 each.

Finally, The Next Generation fans have two ties from which to choose; a Picard (red) tie, and a Data (gold) tie. The ties will sell for $40.

All of these high-end uniform replicas come courtesy of Anovos. More photos can be seen at the referring site.


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  • Mike

    Sigh… apparently the marketing people have the same misconception that the folks actually producing the TNG films had: That it somehow morphed from an ensemble cast into the Picard and Data show… Shame.

    The only costume item I’d ever consider, and I wouldn’t even consider it then because of the price (if Kirk’s wrap is $650…), would be the captain’s jacket that Kirk and Scotty each wore during the film era… mmmmmm… suede…

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    Gods’ balls. There are costumers who retail TOS and movie togs for far less than that. You could have one custom-made for less than that.

  • Mike

    But, but, then they wouldn’t be mass produced in China and you’d actually be supporting a fellow enthusiast… Surely not.