Flip For The USS Enterprise Spatula


A new product to be released next month by ThinkGeek will have fans flipping.

The USS Enterprise spatula will enable fans to create the perfect pancake or omelet.

The USS Enterprise spatula is made with a BPA-free silicone spatula head (six inches long), and a zinc alloy metal handle.

Due out in August, the USS Enterprise Spatula will cost $24.99.

Source: StarTrek.com

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  • mythme

    When the pizza cutter came out, I thought it was a cute idea. My gf actually got me one. Of course, I can’t bring myself to use it and its one of those collectible things that’s too special to use but to silly to display. Now they have the bottle opener, the corkscrew and here’s a spatula. Anyone else think this is getting a little ridiculous?

  • Daniel Ireland

    Haha yea. The bottle opener is about as far as I would go. Kind of a funny, nerdy thing to carry around. The rest is pretty silly but funny.

  • Frontier

    I got 2 of the pizza cutter so I could use one and keep the other pristine. 😛 But yeah, even I think it’s a little whacky now… :S

  • Mark Dominick Casella

    A Klingon Bat’Leth pairing knife! On a side note, I am surprised that those Kelvin salt and pepper shakers from Trek 09 didn’t actually get made. I would buy those!

  • Mark Dominick Casella

    A ton of cook ware could be made. An Enterprise cake sheet, tribble cupcake pans, salt and pepper shakers that look like Dr McCoy;s scanner, a waffle maker that looks like a TNG tricorder, ooh!!!! I just thought of a cool one. A toaster that looks like Spock’s computer from TOS!So many marketing ideas.