Dorn To Narrate The Good Giants


A new documentary will feature Michael Dorn as narrator.

The Good Giants will be the story of Ivan J. Houston, a “Buffalo Soldier” who fought in World War II.

Funded by an ongoing Kickstarter campaign, The Good Giants follows Houston, who fought in the segregated U.S. Army 92nd Infantry Division in Italy.

In the last two years of the war, Houston and his fellow Buffalo Soldiers “liberated Tuscan villages while fighting under segregated, discriminatory conditions in the U.S. Army.”

“Here we were freeing people, and we were still second class citizens in our own country,” said Houston. “That was just the way the army was.”

The residents of Tuscany haven’t forgotten the heroics of the Buffalo Soldiers. “Mr. Ivan,” wrote Flavio Grossi. “I felt to write a few lines to prove the immense love and eternal gratitude that I have towards the American people, and especially the Buffalo Soldiers.”

Dorn will narrate the film, and for those who donate $500 to the Kickstarter campaign, will offer up to twenty-five donors his voice on a fifteen-second outgoing voicemail message (subject to good taste) for the donor.

For more about The Good Giants and to donate to the project, head to the link located here.

Source: The Good Giants

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  • Kang the Unbalanced

    See, this is what I like about these tangential articles about what actors or writers or crew are doing, and why I don’t bitch about pieces like this. I knew nothing about the 92nd Division, and now I’m intrigued. It’s an interesting part of history. It’s always fascinating to see how Star Trek and the people involved connect so much of the world together.

  • Mike

    I agree… somewhat. I agree about this, or Patrick Stewart or Leonard Nimoy, but Eric Bana? Or Benedict Cumberbatch? I mean, I guess that’s just my own bias showing through, but there are plenty of people I am interested in following, but there are plenty I’m not. I mean, Tom Hardy was Shinzon… but that was before he was really anything to speak of in films. Should we continue to follow him because of his Star Trek connection? Even if that connection is certainly not his best material? I think it’s a balance for the site’s powers…