Two New Bye Bye Robot Trek Posters


Two new Star Trek posters feature scenes from the original series and from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

The posters are titled Landing Party, and Terok Nor.

Landing Party, created by artist Drew Johnson, “depicts the main crew beaming while on an away mission.”

Terok Nor, created by artist Jeff Foster, “depicts Deep Space Nine in the foreground, with a hint of the wormhole off in the distance.”

Each 18″x24″ poster comes on 100-ll heavyweight acid-free paper. The posters sell for $25.00 each and can be ordered here, and here.


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  • cardinal biggles

    I like the DS9 poster — the style reminds me of Van Gogh.

  • Nancy Crutcher

    Those posters are cute! I really love colorful stuff and those star trek posters are perfect. -