Roddenberry and Doohan Ashes Into Space Again

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Some remains from Gene and Majel Barrett Roddenberry, James Doohan, and Sir Arthur C. Clarke will be heading into space.

This time, however, the ashes will travel beyond Earth’s orbit.

The remains will travel on Celestis’ Sunjammer Solar Sail Mission, which will launch from Cape Cod in November of next year. Sunjammer, named after Clarke’s similarly-named story, will be Celestis’ first launch into deep space.

The craft, utilizing a solar sail, is expected to orbit the sun between Venus and Earth, after traveling 3 million kilometers towards the sun.

The cost for launching one gram of cremated remains on Sunjammer is $12,500 per person, with a 50% discount for a second person. For $25,000, seven grams will be launched.

Source: The Hollywood Reportervia Celestis




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  • Matt

    Fascinatingly choice of tagline…”a mission of purpose” indeed. To each his own, I suppose. I personally want to get mixed into the concrete of an artificial coral reef and dropped into the ocean.