Urban: Red Herrings And The Triumvirate

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Karl Urban, Star Trek into Darkness‘ Doctor McCoy, explained what makes this film different than the first one, and what he really meant by a quote of his last summer regarding Benedict Cumberbatch, a quote that had set tongues wagging.

While the last film was setting up the characters, Star Trek into Darkness is about relationships, said Urban.

“This time around, this film really sort of concentrates deeply on developing relationships, particularly between Kirk and Spock,” said Urban, “and I think you get to see a little bit of the formation of the classic Star Trek triumvirate between Kirk, Spock and Bones.”

Urban enjoyed portraying McCoy, especially “any time where I get to be somewhat cantankerous. That’s always fun and I’m very blessed and fortunate to get some very good lines,” he said.

And what about that line, where he appeared to slip up, saying what character Cumberbatch was playing? When asked if it had been a deliberate red herring, Urban said no. “That quote – I was taken very literally on that quote,” he said “Obviously what I meant was his Gary Mitchell, which is his villain; I gave it a name.”

The Urban interview can be seen here.

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    Yeah., and Alice Eve’s hair is sponsored by a well known hair shampoo and hair colour company. (Weller it is rumoured.)

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