The 1701 Chosen Revealed


The 1701 have been chosen, and their prizes revealed.

According to, packages are arriving via FedEx for those selected to be the 1701.

The viral campaign has ended and of the fans who participated, 1701 were chosen to receive special packages.

The packages include a card, a 1701 edition of the teaser poster, and 3-D glasses. The card directs winners to a site for a new 3D trailer for Star Trek into Darkness that will go online tomorrow.

Those who did not win, and who still wish to see the 3D trailer will need their own glasses, but the site is open to anyone and can be accessed here tomorrow at 12 PM PT.





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  • Daniel Ireland

    I got one of these in the mail today. I figured I was just being put on a spam mailing list by entering this but a free poster is kind cool :)

  • Jeff Stimson

    Damnit! Mine arrived today by Fedex. I had no idea what it was supposed to be because the shipping tube was open on one end. Whatever was inside is long since gone. Fedex took note of the open tube and missing contents, and I emailed the company that shipped it to me wondering just why they were trying to send me something. If I’m lucky, they will send me another one.

  • Denny Atkin

    Same thing happened to me. I received an open, empty tube. :(

  • Daniel Ireland

    What? That’s a shame…

  • Jeff Stimson

    Happy ending. I contacted the company that shipped them (American Paper Optics) and they shipped a new one to me, arrived today intact. They are blaming Fedex for mishandling the shipping (seemed to happen to a number of people it would appear). However I think some simple tape over the end cap would have prevented most of the problems.

  • Daniel Ireland

    That’s what I was thinking too. But then again, I worked at a theater for a few years and the posters are delivered there in the same tubes without any tape on them and not by Fedex.