Star Trek: The Middle School Musical


A new video shows Star Trek as performed as a musical by middle schoolers.

Exploring strange new worlds with the original series crew was never like this! See pint-sized performers show their take on the classic series.

In Star Trek: The Middle School Musical, Spock sings about Vulcan logic (and tap-dance too!), the crew transports down to the surface of a planet, a redshirt security guard bemoans his impending fate, and Kirk takes on the Gorn.

If they had had plays like this when I was in middle school, I’d have joined the drama club back then!

Source: Press Release




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  • Kang the Unbalanced

    Oh gods that’s funny. That’s more respectful than Star Trek into Plagiarism and better acting than anything Farragut Films has ever produced.

  • Wendy Brand

    Who are those kids? Great singing and comedic timing! Fascinatingly clever.