Star Trek: The Exhibition US Tour


A new tour of Star Trek: The Exhibition will begin this summer and last through autumn.

The tour will appear in three western cities.

The cities include San Diego, where The Exhibition will be seen at the San Diego County Fair from June 8 through July 7; Los Angeles, where The Exhibition will be seen at the Los Angeles County Fair from August 30 through September 29, and Phoenix, Arizona, where it will be seen at the Arizona State Fair from October 11 through November 3.

Star Trek: The Exhibition features a large collection of authentic Star Trek artifacts including: the original series bridge, a timeline wall, a Scorpion fighter (Star Trek: Nemesis), the sickbay from Star Trek: The Next Generation, and a motion simulator.





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  • I thought there were two exhibitions? I saw the original series bridge, but I know there was a separate one with the TNG bridge.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    I seem to remember that also. Perhaps they change it up every so often?