QMx Star Trek Into Darkness Collectibles


Several new Star Trek into Darkness collectibles will be offered by QMX beginning the second quarter of this year.

The collectibles include a Starfleet class ring, phaser, ship models, Starfleet division badges, and a Starfleet flag.

The class ring, as seen in the movie, will be available later this year in either limited -edition sterling silver, or open-edition metal alloy (the latter selling for $29.95).

The Starfleet phaser has updated finishes, a servo spinner, and a working power dial. The servo phaser will debut next year.

Some of the ship models seen on Star Trek into Darkness will be offered as Artisan filming miniature, or as value-priced replicas. The USS Vengeance will be offered in both prop and collector scale, the USS Kelvin in collector scale, the Ring ship in “a very limited prop-scale Comic-Con exclusive release), and the NX-01 in a prop-scale version.

Four Starfleet division badges are available now as 1:1 scale metal replicas, and a UFP flag screen-accurate replica will be released this summer.

Details will be updated when more information is released. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge. More pictures can be found at the referring site.






Source: StarTrek.com




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  • Kang the Unbalanced

    “Prop scale”? Of what? There’s no filming props of any Trek ship past the Enterprise-E, they’re all CGI.

  • Mike

    I think they literally mean the scale of the model props seen in Marcus’ office… but I could be wrong.