New Star Trek Into Darkness TV Ads

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A pair of new Star Trek into Darkness commercials has been released.

The commercials, running half-a-minute in length each, are titled “Vendetta” and “World.”

In Vendetta, Kirk’s fun is interrupted by a Starfleet emergency.

In World, fists fly as “war is coming.”

Source: Flicks and Bits

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  • SJStar

    The first picture here is more like; “So tonight we’re gonna party like its 2235…“, but, what they are subliminally telling all the young kiddies cannon what’s this movie is mostly all about… a party! [Real booze, mind you, and not that synth-ale crud!]

    Here, instead of the Star Trek II line, it is the true quote is; “Vengeance is a dish best served cold.“While for Kirk it is more like “Revenge is a kind of wild justice.” Ye, ha!

    …looks like the town ain’t big enough, not big enough for the both of us, and it ain”t me who’s gonna leave.

    Even more frack’n predictability…

    Q. Also why has ol’ ‘Bones’ McCoy been mostly left out of all this clips and tid-bits? None of the fanboys have speculated about him, now have they! (IMO Karl Urban oughta get a better agent, or ask for more money if they want him to stay out of the limelight!)