New Star Trek Costumes


New Star Trek-themed costumes will be appearing soon courtesy of Rubie’s.

The costumes are based on ones seen in Star Trek into Darkness.

There will be an off-duty uniform (shirt with insignia), a John Harrison costume (shirt and cloak), and a Klingon costume (jumpsuit and mask).

Click on the images for larger-sized photos.

More information on the costumes will be provided as it becomes available.












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  • lol these all looks so cheap and no one would recognize the Harrison costume.

  • Randy H.

    Worst. Costumes. Ever. The company who bought the license to these will lose its (costumed) shirt!

  • hostile_17

    The model in the Starfleet uniform looks embarassed.

    And the guy trying to look mean as a the Klingon LOL.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    Is that what he’s supposed to be? I thought he was just a Klingon groupie or camp follower.

  • Matineer

    I kind of like the Klingon(?). The problem with generic designs is they’re hard to sell; somebody could knock these off pretty well by raiding their closet. The new Trek is more difficult to merchandise.