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In another John Harrison clip, the villain of Star Trek into Darkness gets into Lt. Uhura’s mind.

Following the clip in which Harrison described what makes Spock tick and Spock’s vulnerabilities, Harrison does the same for Uhura.

While Spock’s emotions could be his undoing, for Uhura, it’s her heart.

Source: Paramount International

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  • SJStar

    Playing with Spock’s emotions is railroading the character as far making him ever unrelated to the TOS Spock. Also TOS’s Urura would kick JJ’s Uhuru as a clandestine wimp! Really. Spock and Kirk (& Bones) should be as consistent and the northern star, and the rest at least plausibly recognisable! TOS’s Urura would kick JJ’s Uhuru ass, and call her out for being a clandestine illicit girlie coward!

    It should be mostly screwing around with the storyline and plot that should be JJ’s aim.

    As for “None of us are safe!” quote — well this might extend too for the Star Trek fandom, that is, if JJ makes any more ST films.

    (Next movie, JJ will probably introduce the Borg as neo-freedom fighters, that just want to bring order and democracy to the Galaxy! Oops, sorry, that is Star Wars… Does JJ know the difference? Ummmmm….)

  • SJStar

    Caption between Uhura and Spock here…

    Oh darling Spock, lets have kids together! With your ears and my long fingernails, and we would have the best vulcanised ear scratcher in the entire Quadrant!

  • Polaris01313-1

    For a time, I was defending J.J. Abrams, claiming he breathed life back into Star Trek(for which he did). Judging by the mixed reviews I have been hearing about Star Trek Into Darkness, I can only speculate the following two possibilities.

    1. Star Trek Into Darkness will be twice as successful as the 2009 prequel/reboot.

    2. He will bring death to the franchise if the film becomes something like Nemesis.

    If that were not disturbing enough, Vic Mignogna and Farragut Films will be releasing their steaming cow pile of a fan film on May 24th.

    May is certainly going to be an interesting month for Star Trek and its fans.

    God Help Us!