Keep Going Scotty Clip


A new Star Trek into Darkness clip features Chris Pine as Kirk and Simon Pegg as Scotty.

Mild spoilers are behind the clip.

In this latest clip, almost a minute in length, the pair is trying to escape with their lives as things fall apart all around them.

Source: Paramount International

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  • SJStar

    At the rate they are releasing clips, the whole movie might be available before the American debut!!
    If this hype continues, in two weeks time everyone will be saying I’m all tuckered out, so why see it!
    Paramount being rescued by Chinese laundry money recently, may explain this…
    The whole marketing of this is a grossly screwy and silly IMO!!

    I might be rancid butter, but I’m [mostly] on your side of the bread!

  • All that beer is going to go flat with all that shaking…