Cho: Me Too!


Like his predecessor in the Sulu role, John Cho hopes for better things for his character.

Although Star Trek into Darkness has just released, Cho is already looking to the future.

Cho would like to see Sulu eventually get his own ship. “It was fun to sit in the captain’s chair and Sulu, not in our movies but in the previous iterations, does get his own chair (and ship),” said Cho, “so I hope that that is the case in ours as well…if we get that far.”

Fans will remember that George Takei lobbied for a Sulu captaincy, and that happened in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

Source: The Province

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  • SJStar

    I’m very impressed with John Cho. I saw him on Craig Ferguson’s show a few days ago, and found him both erudite and charmingly engaging.

    I’m certain that he will be offered many movie roles after his many appearances while promoting STID. A worthy successor for George Takei for the character of Sulu.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    I also like John Cho a great deal, but based on Trek 09, I felt he was a poor fit for Sulu. Tell me, is he better in this one?

  • SJStar

    I though so. I thought too that he wasn’t even on the radar in the first movie, but he was really great in the second. One scene really stole the show IMO. Hope you see it soon!

    (As for the stupid dipstick who marked me down here for my innocent comment, I can only assume they are racist and don’t like Asians.)