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In celebration of the premiere of Star Trek into Darkness, Bing and Marc Okrand, creator of the Klingon language, have joined to “to make a special language addition of Klingon, the native language of the Klingon population spoken in the Star Trek films, to the Bing Translator.”

The Bing translator can be used on, and on any Windows 8 phone to translate words and phrases from English to Klingon or from Klingon to English, with the touch of a button!

To access the Bing Translator and start speaking Klingon, head to the link located here.

Oh, and attention all Klingons;  “qaStaHvIS yIn romuluS!”

Source: Press Release

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  • Kang the Unbalanced

    QujmeH moQ roS! They filtered out all the damn cusswords.

  • Guest

    Life was a Romulan? I don’t get it 🙁

  • Sorry, bing is familiar with Klingon slang referring to Romulan genitalia :O

  • SJStar

    Now dog poo’s back. He just doesn’t get it :{

  • Mike

    lol, wasn’t me… So, just to be clear, you’re going to accost anyone that comes to this site and posts as a guest because you think they’re me? Good to know.

  • sperm bubble


  • nub

    I honor all you that have dedicated the time to learn the Klingon language. Where can I learn this language in order to join your ranks?

  • Klingon Translate App

    Klingon Translate iPhone app is out, powered by the Bing engine!
    It supports more than 10 languages, English word translation is free forever!

  • Ban


  • Victor Cachat

    What about his Baby Momma?

  • JakeTheInventor

    Klingons suck, Star trek sucks. LONG LIVE STAR WARS!!!!

  • StormyKnight

    That’s because frack is from the wrong series- er, I mean, galaxy. ;^)

  • Scott Hampton

    It means… “Life is best when you’ve killed a Romulan!” Context, “Life is a dead Dragon!” or more apply put, “The only good Romulan is a dead Romulan!” “Miller poH!”

  • Scott Hampton

    And think people, i.e. homosapiens… Klingons speak in similar terms like Germans. “Du bist ein Schwein Hund!” English, “You are a pig dog!” I bet a spordanant would understand a slap in the back of the head followed with, “logh nach”, i.e. “space head.”
    Or how about, Klingon-“jejlew’ nach”, German-“Luft Kopf”, English-“Air head”. “largh SoH romuluSngan ‘Iw!” would be one heck of a compliment, i.e. “You smell of Romulan blood!”

  • SuvwI’

    Dochvam nuq? rav je shit vIghel veS ‘Iw rur tlhIngan real ‘ej jatlh Human rur.

  • SuvwI’

    nub wej yIjatlh yIjatlh tlhIngan botlhDaq bImejnIS.

  • SuvwI’

    romuluSngan Hoch rav HoH maH vaj pa’ yot pagh, logh nID… SoD wej yIjatlh ‘Iw yInISQo’.

  • petra

    hello can anybody decode this for me please? thank you very much! n Q YurI m pP nnnnnnYEA 🙂 jujU p

  • Vitt

    Can someone tell me how to write ”my ship is going to crash” in klingon? 😀