Vulcan Ale


Move over, Romulus, there is a new ale competing for market share in the world of Star Trek.

Vulcan Ale, a new bottled brew, will be hitting stores in Canada beginning May 1.

Vulcan Ale, a “logical choice for a palate pleasing libation,” has been created in celebration of the Vulcan, Alberta 2013 Centennial celebrations. Vulcan Ale is claimed to be “mind-melding good!”

Vulcan Ale will be a high-quality handcrafted Irish Red Ale that promises to explore a new universe of taste,” said Vern Raincock, founder and CEO of Delancey Direct.


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  • I hope it comes to Ontario too. I remember trying a Romulan Ale energy drink a few years ago and immediatly understood why it was made illegal.

  • SJStar

    Agreed. Romulan Ale is better!