Trek Fan Record Falls Short


A group of fans in Dallas failed to break the Guinness World Record for people dressed as Star Trek characters.

The fans were attending a Texas Lottery event where the draws were the appearance of William Shatner as host of the event, and the attempt to set the world record.

Shatner appeared at the Dallas Convention Center to help unveil a new Star Trek scratch-off lottery game. “Those few dollars added to a few others go to a great purpose,” he said of the new game. “So you might win a lot of money… but if you don’t, you’ve put a little money into a bank account, which is the children of Texas.”

The world record of 1,063 fans dressed as Star Trek characters was set last year in London. The Texas event drew five hundred-and-sixty fans dressed as Trek characters.

Although they didn’t set a new world record, some lucky fans walked away with prizes from drawings held at the event.


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  • Kang the Unbalanced

    Um. I don’t blame Shatner for this misconception seeing as how so many people, including the entire voting population of the state of Texas in 1990, believe this lie perpetuated by the state’s lottery commission. However if the Texas lottery really gave a significant enough portion of its massive profits to the Texas Department of Education as it is legally obligated to do, instead of hiding most of its profits the same way oil companies and movie studios do (remember, Return of the Jedi has yet to make a profit!), then Texas schools wouldn’t rank 46th in the nation.

    Though to be fair, in the past 20 years they have come up a tad from 48th place.

  • I’m not sure how to respond to this, because the Lottery has given over $20 billion to the Texas Foundation School fund. They don’t give the money to the “Texas Department of Education,” because there is no such agency. I’m assuming that you mean the Texas Education Agency, but they aren’t supposed to get the money anyway. I would double-check my facts before posting something like this, Kang.

    Besides, that $20 billion doesn’t really go very far, considering the number of students who have illegally immigrated to Texas and Texas is obligated by law to provide an education for them, despite their parents not contributing in school property taxes.

    Not only did I attend this event, I was honored to be the official Star Trek expert required by Guinness to certify the authenticity of every participant’s uniform/costume. While we did not beat the record, it was nevertheless a wonderful experience.