Star Trek: The Video Game Clip

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A new clip from Star Trek: The Video Game, courtesy of moviefone, includes a cut scene and an in-depth look at the Gorn.

The cut scene features Kirk and Spock and includes a risky mind-meld.

“They conquered their galaxy,” Spock says, from information obtained during the meld. “Crushing every planet they encountered.”

Star Trek: The Video Game went on sale this week.

Source: moviefone

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  • Randy H.

    Started the game. I’m troubled by the flippant way that Kirk seems to address . . . everything. Life, death, danger – it is all just a joke to him as the game begins. Even points where he could shake himself to his senses he just doesn’t. I know that he is less tested and less mature than the Prime Universe Kirk, but were I in his crew I’d think he was simply a jerk! I’ll see as the game moves along, but so far I’m not impressed.