Star Trek Into Darkness Berlin Photos


Last night, Star Trek into Darkness premiered in Berlin, Germany and photos of the event have been released.

In attendance were J.J. Abrams, Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Simon Pegg, and Alice Eve.

Click on the thumbnails for larger photos. More photos can be found at the referring site.












Source: Splash

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  • SJStar

    Poor little dear Alice Eve…

    She apparently nearly drowned at the film’s opening in Moscow.

    Considering she was the main character in the rude and crude chick-filck “She’s Out of My League”, where she played also against a man named Kirk Kettner. Her character saying “Underwear would be fine if I were wearing any.” Say instant BIMBO!! No doubt that is why J.J. picked her for the Enterprise female pin-up role!

    Don’t believe me. According to the UK’s Daily Mail, , she said, ‘J.J. is up there with the great minds.‘ Yeah! Just concentrating on ‘tits and bum.’ I really wonder what happened on the audition couch? Where is Hank Moody in all of this… Sooooooo… frack’n predictable!!

    In this cameo picture she looks like such a generic bimbo, hips swayed, arms cling to a male’s waist, breasts pointing out “look at these”, empty plastic smile… *

    Another picture makes her looks like fashion-victim frump… Hair guys. It’s all about the hair!!

    (I’ve noticed to how much see looks EXACTLY like Sally Kellerman playing the character Elizabeth Dehner in TOS’s “Where No One Has Gone Before” – again all set up as a smoke screen by JJ, all to make you think this film was a remake of that same TOS series’ episode.

    Even her “Star Trek Into Darkness” sexy poster, she’s holding the gun near her unmentionables. (Is THAT a phaser, or are you just please to see me?))

    Rumour has it that she make a great feminist Pussy Galore, if they were ever to make another James Bond remake of Goldfinger!

    All this, so they can get those young pubescent males to go see the film, and have still have wet-dreams while they are waiting…

    If JJ was after a popular female stereotype, well he certainly got one…

    Valley girls? Nah!, They are sooooooo… yesterday!

    * I look forward to Michelle’s review of this movie, and the well-imagined flirting glance between Uhuru and Caroline, and Kirk making Spock jealous, in the hope of have his way with him.

  • bob

    Whats wrong with having some hottie parading around in her undies? Looks fine to me!

  • SJStar

    Eh? Most here is tongue-in-cheek. Clearly it is a point about the manipulative studios.
    It is not about Star Trek or Ms. Eve, its all about image, all centred on making maximum money.

    Why can’t you see that? (Or do I have to spell it out?)

  • bob

    tbh, i got bored with reading what you wrote, have you ever been prescribed for insomnia? I think you’re the perfect cure..

  • SJStar

    So your question “Whats wrong with having some hottie parading around in her undies? Looks fine to me!” is rhetorical and just said nothing about what I’d said. Why is that MY problem?