Scotty Profile Clip


A new clip from Star Trek into Darkness features Scotty.

The short clip, barely over a minute in length, shows some new footage from the film.

In the clip, Simon Pegg gives fans insight into the character of Scotty. Like the Scotty of the original series, this Scotty likes a wee bit of alcohol. But while he’s away, trouble occurs and the engineer finds out that he can’t be away from the ship for even one day!

Source: Whatculture!

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  • SJStar

    JJ’s “Star Trek Into Darkness” grand homage to “Star Wars : A New Hope Episode IV”.

    Det, det.. Det, det.., Det det, Det, det, dettit, dettit, derherrrr, det…!

    Cross promotion. You bet ya’!!

    (Star Trek’s own JarJar Binks!! Who’s doing the next film I wonder?)

  • Bob

    christ i cant stand Simon Pegg.. one trick pony if ever there was. As soon as he was cast I knew they’d turn Scotty into a figure of fun. Even his Jock accent is worse than dear old James Doohan’s.