New Trek Craft Book


For the Star Trek fan who likes to make crafts, a new book should be of interest.

The Star Trek Craft Book will offer twenty-five different  Star Trek-themed crafts.

Written by Angie Pedersen, The Star Trek Craft Book offers projects at various levels from easy to difficult (Ensign to Admiral). The crafts range from accessories to décor to toys, and include crochet, sewing, embroidery, felting and other type of crafts.

Pictures and easy-to-follow instructions guide the crafter, and the book also includes Star Trek “facts and imagery, crafty tips and fun.”

To pre-order the book, which retails for $19.99, head to the link located here.

Source: Simon and Schuster

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  • Bobby

    I can’t believe someone missed the obvious opportunity to write “Make it sew!”

  • Hah!

  • SJStar

    How utterly fabulous and adorable!

    You’ve given me and idea. My mother and her Red Cross group, who are retired seniors, and they usually make so-called ‘trauma teddies.’ These are made by them, then donated and distributed to the ambulance, fire brigade, and emergency services to give to comfort little-children who are in crisis situations or whose loved ones have suffered hardship or accidents. They are never sold, and are distributed freely around the world.

    They often get donated incomplete balls of wool for the public and knit and sew them together. Although it is really a labour of love, I might suggest that book like this might be equally good patterns to make, because they are always looking for different designs to avoid the drudgery of always endlessly reproducing the same old pattern. The only restriction is that these dolls have no sharp edges, no buttons, such as eyes because they can be swallowed. (The round little guys look here as a perfect design!) Having little aliens and Trek characters would be ideal for children, and perfect for the colours of red, yellow and light blue for the shirts of the Trek personal. Even a story around the knitted doll if often used, and no doubt called the child “Cadet [name]” would be equally brilliant.

    Thanks for this charming story!

    Note: An article on this is at; Another at;

    Further information see “Red Cross Trauma Teddy Information Sheet” @

    Note as well… Anyone is Australia or New Zealand who has lots of ordinary wool to spare can contact their local Red Cross, and arrange a nice donation. (They are always looking for wool !!)

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    Or the slightly-less-obvious-but-just-as-painful “Spock monkey”.