New Star Trek Into Darkness Clip


The second in a series of short Star Trek into Darkness movie clips has been released, courtesy of moviefone.

The clip features a chase scene where Pine, Uhura, Spock and a familiar face from the first movie are trying to escape from an adversary. Minor spoilers behind the cut.

In this clip, the good guys are trying to escape from the Klingons, who are in hot pursuit. In a scene reminiscent of another escape scene in Independence Day, Kirk and all are obliged to squeeze their ship through a very narrow passageway to escape their pursuers.

More clips will appear this week, probably once a day.

Source: Moviefone

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  • Doctor Yellow Face

    If the BoP looks like that other ship I will not be happy

  • Why? They changed the Enterprise so why not a more updated look to the other known ships? I think it looks pretty cool though it looks like a prototype or something.

  • SJStar

    (No spoilers)

    I’ve seen the movie at the premiere in Sydney last night. It was awesome but soooooooooooo…. predictable. With so many on this site guessing exactly right with who the bad guy was!!! Egg Foo Young will be on some faces here, no doubt! (My own expression was precisely the opposite expression than what appear on Pine’s face of this 2nd clip.)

    Frankly guys, it is simply just another action movie, with many of the destructive / impossible elements exactly the same as any other movies of this genre. Mass effects over examining characters is so darn boring. It is clear JJ couldn’t give a stuff about sticking remotely to canon, and it seems all he aims is at the popularist’s movie for the masses.

    God help us with Star Wars: Episode 7 aka “Star Wars: Disney on Ice Hoth “!! (Will Zachary Quinto be Princess Leia instead of Carrie Fisher? 3:1 he probably is.)

    It opens May 9 in Australia, but the release on May 17 is an awfully long gap for the rest of you. (Being American sometimes has its drawbacks.) As I mentioned a few months back, we see the movie first then the DVD/Blu-ray last.

    Now for the 3rd movie. “Star Trek : Into Despair”…

  • milojthatch

    Wow, this clip felt more like something out of a Star Wars movie. I even heard a Star Wars sound effect in there. Lame.

  • I am soooo looking forward to this movie 🙂

  • YawnFactor3

    Bin the Star Trek name and just called it Generic SciFi Action Movie

  • JohnS

    Please tell us the spoiler review are nonsense… please tell us that Section 31 is not seeking out Khan/Cumberbatch and using him as a secret weapon to kill Klingons and that Kirk doesn’t die in a reverse of the Trek II Spock death and is brought back to life by Khan’s somehow magical potion blood which raises the dead… Please tell us that they haven’t totally urinated on Gene’s grave. Please tell us Leonard nimoy didn’t actually get even with gene Roddenberry for the blooper tape debacle by appearing for a split second in this to cement the garbage Khan story … this sounds like such crap fan fiction.

  • A_James

    Someone was kind enough NOT to blab it all out. Sounds like a miserable jealous jackass who beat you to the punch. … this sounds like such crap fan fiction.

  • JohnS

    Whatever that’s supposed to mean…

  • John

    Pine, Uhura and Spock? Um…Is there a character called Pine in this movie??

  • JohnS

    “The Klingons are becoming more of a threat to the Federation. Try
    have already invaded two planets and are threatening more. Admiral
    Marcus thinks Starfleet is too weak ne focused on exploration and needs
    more superior weaponry to protect earth.

    “Section 31 is involved. They have been scanning the region of space
    where presumably they tracked the Botany Bay to find the 300 year old
    augments and use their superior skills and intellect to build up Earth’s

    They find and revive Khan and use his crew’s lives against him
    to force him to do their dirty work…. But we only find this out as the
    story progresses.”

    -Pike dies, but this is sort of to be expected.

    -Spock Prime shows up in one of the dumbest cameos ever. Basically
    when Khan is causing all his trouble, Spock calls his older self. Spock
    Prime basically says “I promised I wouldn’t reveal details of our lives,
    but Khan is super bad and we only defeated him with great sacrifice.”

    -Admiral Marcus is on Khan’s side, duh.

    -”Khaaaaaan!” is yelled, but not by Kirk.

    The end of the movie is basically the end of Wrath of Khan, only with
    the Kirk and Spock roles reversed. Kirk goes down into the radiation in
    the Budweiser plant and the hands on the glass scene is there, only it’s Kirk dying.

    Here’s the big stinger, Kirk does die like Spock did at the end of
    Wrath of Khan. However, it’s established early in the movie that Khan’s
    blood has magical healing properties. He’s the Holy Grail in a bottle,

    McCoy earlier injected some of Khan’s blood into a dead Tribble.
    After Kirk dies, McCoy sees the Tribble alive and realizes he can save
    Kirk. So Spock pursues Khan in a big chase scene, he and Uhura knock him out, and they use his blood to save Kirk who wakes up in a hospital bed. He gives a big speech and they begin the five year mission.

    So instead of doing Star Trek III: The Search for Kirk, they inject some of Khan’s blood into dead Kirk and he comes back to life. Now Kirk has a little bit of Khan in him.

  • Guest


  • BigCheese

    Please people, fear not. I’ve already seen it (down here in OZ) believe me this is all a complete wind up. There is no magical Khan blood, Kirk does not die etc etc. Nimoy isn’t even in the film. I don’t know who this fella(s) is, but he’s taking the mick.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    Excuse me… excuse me, but why exactly would McCoy be injecting someone’s blood into a dead tribble?

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    So.. the Irish are behind it, not the Klingons? I’m quite confused now.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    Not ‘Pine’– Harrison’s super-secret code name is Pine-Fresh.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    The (inexplicably) updated Klingon ships in the ST X kobayashi Maru simulator did not look too bad. From a distance, at least.

  • Kang the Unbalanced


  • JohnS

    …would that distance be about a quarter mile from the movie screen?

  • SJStar

    Oh! You can use the “Flag as Inappropriate”, which is the hidden down button on the opposite site of the user name.

  • SJStar

    Where is your decency, man?

  • JohnS

    Oh wow… I just figured out why you “think” (and the word is used VERY loosly) I hate Muslims – you were apparently stalking my posts in other Disquis forum – and saw the word “Muslim” in my posts… But, apparently – you have ZERO reading comprehension skills – which makes this funny and sad at the same time – because you’re a complete fucking moron. You just proved that people are fucking idiots and become retarded when they see the word “Muslim.” If you had ACTUALLY READ the fucking posts instead of just looking at one word – you would notice that the posts with the word “Muslim” were DEFENDING AND SUPPORTING the religion and culture. Wow – dude… you really are a fucking dunce idiot. Is this why you are so angry about your kids seeing my words – because you lack the ability to fucking read and have to have your kids sound out the words for you? Christ – now I’m feeling bad – because I’m obviously using my superior intellect against someone with Down’s Syndrome.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    I was actually referring to the gleeful shouting of the spoiler outside of bookstores when HP6 came out, just to make the children cry.

  • JohnS

    That was kinda obvious… which is why I was specifically said Dumbledore was a pedo – which was a riff on the fact that the “spoilers” people are bitching about on here were actually NOT spoilers and were lifted from a fake review pulled from the IMDB site… But – as your name suggest – an unbalnaced Klingon is kinda like a bull in a china shop and may not notice such subtleties… 😉 You’d think that with Abrams doing Star Wars – and the whole Episode One midichlorians in the blood – and talking about Khan’s “magic blood” would have been a dead giveaway… but these other people here are fucking stupid…

  • SJStar


  • SJStar

    Utter filth!!

  • PW

    “There are US laws which cover such offences, ”

    Yes, like the First Amendment