New Esurance-Star Trek Ad


A new ad for Esurance combines advertising for Esurance and Star Trek into Darkness.

The ad, shot on the bridge of the Enterprise, is a short comedy, in which an alien has an unfortunate encounter with a Federation ship.

Esurance will eventually have outtakes from the commercial on its FB page, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the commercial.

Source: Esurance

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  • Anonymous Coward

    That was ore entertaining than any of the clips of the actual movie.

  • milojthatch

    Amen! Get rid of the lens flare and it wasn’t that bad.

  • Patrick

    Jason Sudeikis rocks!

  • I see Jason Sudeikis and John C. Riley (the alien) in this commercial. I’m wondering who else is in the starship crew that we might know?

  • Derp

    Umm… that is neither Jason Sudeikis nor John C. Reilly. Though they certainly look like it. The Sudeikis-looking guy is Darrin Rose.

  • let evey one who try to win 2 free tickes to the new star trek movie.. i want to let you know about this scam … i put in to win 2 free tickes to star trek and won.. but when i try to redeam them and put in my code to recved them they ask for a cread card. . you donlt win any thing. so don.t try it

  • fuck you

    how bout the person who looks like John c Reilly bitch, it looks and around just like him. who else could it be you fag mother fucker