Kirk Meets Carol Marcus


In a short clip, Carol Marcus introduces herself to James T. Kirk.

There are slight spoilers below the cut.

In the clip, Marcus introduces herself as Science Officer Wallace, and Spock is not happy about the addition of another Science Officer.

Source: uipthailand

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  • Enterprise1981

    Hmmm. Interesting use of another of the prime-universe Kirk’s girlfriends.

  • SJStar

    So silly… Jealousy is an emotion. Vulcan might be now New Vulcan, but vulcans still don’t exude emotional drivel. Another example of JJ giving a stuff about cannon. She still is prettee, though, and the blonde bob-haircut makes her look like a throwback to the ’60s. Peace, man!

  • Spooky

    I adore Spock’s jealous face!!! Lovely!!

  • Spooky

    And also I don’t understand what Kirks says to Spock neither times…:SPlease someone write it down!!

  • I wouldn’t say he’s overtly jealous. He could just be questioning the logic of assigning another science officer when his presence makes that unnecessary. But there have always been hints of Spock’s Human side showing through and that’s an integral part of his character. I think it’s perfectly within reason to have him react this way for either explanation. Sure, it’s a bit “silly” but we can’t expect the movie to be a constant trek into darkness without some comedy to break the tension 🙂