Eve To Narrate Trek Audionovel


Star Trek into Darkness guest star Alice Eve will be the voice of the Star Trek into Darkness audionovel.

Eve, who plays Carol Marcus in the movie, will read the audionovel; a seven CD set which will run eight hours and thirty minutes in length.

The Star Trek into Darkness audionovel will release on May 21 and sell for $29.99 at Amazon. The audionovel will also be available on iTunes and audible.com

Source: StarTrek.com

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  • JWPlatt

    I am optimistic about Alice Eve as Carol Marcus though, unbelievably, both Pines and Eve say there’s not enough time in the film to pay attention to the classic “Kirk gets the girl” theme. What’s Star Trek without that? What about David? Are they getting a retcon abortion?

    The only caveat I’ve seen in the trailers so far is Eve’s scream. It looks altogether fake. She makes the classic mistake of telegraphing it by taking a huge lung-full of air to get the scream out. It speaks to an actor reading the script and knowing she has to scream instead of the character doing it organically. A character would not have the time or presence of mind to prepare her scream like she’s about to swim 50 meters under water. I’m even a little surprised that Abrams would allow it without a retake. Besides that, she looks good.

  • There’s no way to judge it without knowing the context of the scene. For all we know, she’s screaming on purpose, for some reason. I’ve been assuming she is (especially since her eyes seem more focused than frightened). If not, then it probably will look as rehearsed as it does in the trailers.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    It’s also likely a different take. JJ used some alternate takes for the ST X trailers. As did Chris Nolan for his Batman trilogy (which were unfortunately often stronger takes than the ones chosen for the films).