Eve: Preparing for Marcus


For Alice Eve, getting ready to play Dr. Carol Marcus meant doing a bit of research.

Eve knows the backstory of the character. “She’s dug, dug into there,” said Eve. “Dr. Marcus is a weapons specialist with a PhD. She’s incredibly intelligent and highly qualified. In the canon, she has Kirk’s baby. In Wrath of Khan, she is the mother of his grown son.”

Preparation for playing Carol Marcus meant sitting down and watching some television. “I watched all the Star Trek TV shows,” said Eve. “My favorite episode was [original series episode] Charlie X. I also watched all the movies; Patrick Stewart‘s and William Shatner‘s.”

Eve is prepared for the fan interest that is sure to come after Star Trek into Darkness debuts. “I’m sure it will be a positive thing,” she said. “I have fun at Comic-Con. I went to Oxford and studied literature, which is very detail-oriented. There’s always something to be detail-oriented about. Besides, I’m only one part of a big story.”

Source: Yahoo! Movies

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  • Shikarnov

    A “weapons specialist with a PhD.” (sigh). This chick needs to go back and do her research again. Carol Marcus was a molecular biologist who, in her only onscreen appearance, was researching a terraforming device. Her goal was to create, not to destroy.

    “There can’t be so much as a microbe, or the show’s off.”

  • Alice Eve is talking about the altered timeline, which is now. The Carol Marcus of Star Trek: Into Darkness is a bit different this time. She is a weapons specialist and have a PhD, aside from supposedly a “lover” of James T. Kirk.

  • SJStar

    A “weapons specialist with a PhD.” Couldn’t she be a biological weapon specialist, where the bad guy here threatens using such weapons? Furthermore, she could have changed her interests into do more creative endeavours. Methinks, that the Klingons might have been right to believe that the Genesis device could have been used as a planetary weapon.
    Sorry. Your opinion is a bit weak, considering the movie isn’t out yet.