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New Star Trek into Darkness trailer to debut; Stewart to marry; Star Trek into Darkness comic preview.

TrekMovie reports that a new international trailer for Star Trek into Darkness will debut at midnight and can be seen at iTunes. The trailer should be around two minutes and twenty seconds in length.

ABC News is reporting that Sir Patrick Stewart is to marry for the third time. Stewart will marry jazz singer Sunny Ozell, with the ceremony being officiated by X-Men co-star Ian McKellen.

Cult Cross has posted several images on their Facebook page from the Countdown to Darkness #4 comic. The images feature Klingons and a familiar Federation name.

More news bits will be posted tomorrow. Regular TrekToday news will resume on Monday.

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  • Saw the new trailer. It’s loaded with action and explosions so I would expect the naysayers to jump all over it claiming it’s not their “Star Trek”. However, it looks like there is potential for a great story and some emotional moments. I can’t wait to see it myself 🙂

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    The previous one was loaded with action and explosions. It was also loaded with great character moments. I’m hoping this next one continues that trend, instead of adding in the foul-mouthed racist leg-humping robots and convoluted but ultimately pointless plot complications that the writers seem to be so fond of.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    I also hope that they include some hot, scantily-clad Klingon women as well. In the interest of equal time.