Pegg’s Scottishisms


Simon Pegg was enthusiastic about making Scotty truly Scottish in the forthcoming Star Trek into Darkness, but he went a bit overboard with the Scottish jargon.

Pegg is also enjoying watching fans trying to figure out Benedict Cumberbatch‘s John Harrison character, complicating a character that is really “very simple” to figure out.

Scotty is “still very proud,” said Pegg. “…he thinks he owns the ship. He’s very principled, and those principles define his role in the film.”

He’s also very Scottish, and was perhaps a bit too Scottish for Director J.J. Abrams. “J.J. lets me put Scottishisms into the script,” said Pegg. “But one day he came up to me on the set and said, ‘Simon, we have to understand what you are saying!’ So I pulled it back a little bit.”

Turning to the enigmatic character of John Harrison, Pegg believes that fans may be overthinking the character. “It’s been fun seeing people try to figure out who he is playing and all the time it just being a very simple answer,” he said. “John Harrison is indicative of a thing going on in society today, which is the enemy within. Not…a multi-horned alien or another country or whatever. It’s the idea that the threat can be one of us and can come from inside.”

Star Trek into Darkness arrives in theaters in May.

Source: Comic Book Movie

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  • Mike O

    Any thoughts on this? I believe that John Harrison is simply a former crewman of the Enterprise when it went thru the Galactic Barrier and was affected the same way as Gary Mitchell, but no one noticed because it was slower coming on, maybe due to a lower esper score or something. Maybe he transferred off the ship a little later and his changes went under the radar, until now.

  • yahnatan levi

    he is captain robert april.

  • bob

    you’re over thinking this…. these new treks are aimed at a wider, newer audience who have no idea about galactic barriers and Mitchel… I certainly dont think there’d be the time or inclination to go into old trek background.. I’m beginning to think Harrison is just a new bady, maybe a droid?

  • frank

    Out of all the cast, Pegg is the worst… Seen him in too many comedy roles..

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    I think it will be revealed that Darth Vader made him as an after-school project.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    As much as I like Pegg in general, what I’ve seen so far doesn’t fit very well with Scotty. I’ll reserve judgement… for now.

  • SJStar


  • This and That

    Yes, because actors should only ever play one type of role.