New Star Trek Into Darkness Teaser!


A new teaser for Star Trek into Darkness was recently released, featuring plenty of new scenes.

Obviously, if avoiding spoilers, it would be wise to avoid watching it, but for everyone else, the teaser is behind the cut.

Source: Joblo movie network

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  • The_Comic

    Very excited for this, a little disappointed that after such a great trailer so much focus has been placed on Alice Eve in her pants. Still, scantily clad women have always been a part of Star Trek, the countless soft focus shots in TOS to hide William Ware Theiss’s latest world record attempt at the least amount of material to be designated ‘clothes’. Back in the day he could mug a borrower and get three costumes out of the take, not to mention characters like Iliya or Uhura’s fan dance (an oxymoron if ever there was one). Some great effects shots and what could be an interesting prime directive story and all in 3d, it’s going to be great fun, can’t wait.

  • Dandru
  • Polaris01313-1

    Finally, we got to see Peter Weller’s character being introduced. Unless this is another cover story for the film’s real storyline, the idea that John Harrison is one of the Makers’ androids sounds very intriguing and very interesting. A little disappointed that Benedict Cumberbatch won’t be playing Gary Mitchell or Garth Of Izar, but at least we know now that he is not playing Khan. That rumor can finally be laid to rest.

    In your face Dennis Bailey! You were wrong about Khan then and you are wrong even now!

  • trekfan

    Are you sure this was directed by JJ Abrams? I could swear it was Roland Emmerich.

  • milojthatch

    They should just call this film “In Darkness” because there ain’t nothin’ Star Trek about it!

  • So far from the truth.

  • Log Man

    You know, human beings are a peculiar organism. Further, they find it easy to tear down than to build up. I was guilty of that when I criticized JJ for taking so long to get the movie going. But you know what: The wait was worth it. JJ has done a good job with this movie thus far in terms of action. However, I would like to see what nuggets will come out of the movie that will stick with me for a long time. With the TOS, there was always something that you could take away and constantly remember it. For example, in the episode “A Private Little War” we see the philosophical battle over the prime directive. We can apply that to, for example, to the Americans debating over supplying weaponry to the fighters against the Syrian Government. I know that there are many who are upset with JJ over his recent decision. I know I am, but you know, it’s his right to do what he wants. Many of us have levied some harsh words toward JJ, but how many of us can direct a movie and really do a good job of it? Please remember: never judge a man until you have walked a mile in his shoe.

  • Guest

    “Many of us have levied some harsh words toward JJ, but how many of us can direct a movie and really do a good job of it? Please remember: never judge a man until you have walked a mile in his shoe.”

    So you’re suggesting that only Hollywood movie directors can have opinions on the end product of the filmmaking process? I hope not, because that would be complete nonsense.

  • Guest

    “So much focus?” It’s literally one second of the trailer.

  • SJStar

    Can’t wait to see the movie and have all this speculation finally resolved.

    I have decided this time to NOT watch this or any future trailers, and instead I’ll just wait for the film. Also the moment after it first comes out, I will not be visiting Trek sites until I’ve seen the movie. There is not much to look forward to these days, as the ‘fanboys’ just always beat you to the punch and disclose absolutely everything.

  • JWPlatt

    What recent decision? To do what – direct Star Wars? To blow up Tatooine? To become Catholic? It would have been nice to finish that sentence. I guess I’m not upset enough about something to know what you mean.

  • AndrewLynch1

    Star TREK, not StarGATE. Far as I know, Abrams hasn’t gotten his hands on that franchise. Yet.

  • The_Comic

    Im not saying the trailer focuses on it im talking about the reaction to it. Its on most thumbnails and the main focus of many talkbacks. Over at comicbookmovie its literally hundreds of comments on it. Youd think people who watch atar trek had never had sex with anyone.

  • The_Comic

    Yeah i agree go in cold. As you say after opening night some idiots will be falling over themselves to reveal plot points.

  • The_Comic

    I agree with what you are saying however the original poster is right on 2 counts 1, no one has SEEN the movie so a lot of the criticism is baseless. 2, it is a lot easier to type “that sucks” and revel in the glory if 3 ‘likes’ than it is to direct a movie. After all ive scoured the talbacks for phrases like mise en scene, cinematography and edit and its pretty thin on the ground. So if people will criticise lets here sone cogent interesting debate not soundbites. Is, i think, their point.

  • The_Comic
  • trekfan

    I agree with you that watching the trailer isn’t the same as watching the whole thing. However, people have the experience of the last one, which was disappointing on so many levels, and everything released in connection with this one seems to indicate that more of the same is to come. So, naturally, there will be criticism and negative reaction, and I think that’s understandable, although I agree that it can only be limited to the material released so far since, obviously, the film hasn’t been released yet. However, a picture says a thousand words, not to mention a video, and they are telling me — this ain’t Star Trek.

  • PervyNotNerdy

    Never mind all this ‘its not Star Trek’ BS, did you see how fit Carol Marcus is???? wey hey!!!! JJ, all is forgiven 🙂

  • Or at least not with one as attractive as Alice Eve 😛

  • JWPlatt

    The joke is on you. She’s not wearing “pants.”

  • JWPlatt

    I thought this was a given.

  • In some places, “pants” means underwear.

  • ahki

    I just love sarcasm.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    Slightly majorly idiotic. Which unfortunately makes it all the more likely to be true. And please gods, no horrible after-credits scene of NexGen officers watching it all on a fucking holodeck.
    Dammit. If I keep banging my head against my desk like this, my head will go smooth.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    It’s a ruse. Peter Weller will be playing Dr. Banzai, whose malfunctioning oscillation overthruster has stranded him in that dimension since the 1980s.

  • Guest

    Now THAT I’d pay to see!

  • Guest

    Gosh, we’re sorry. Go back to your daily diet of porking supermodels and resume looking down at fans who are hot for an actress. Because clearly, her underwear scene was placed in the trailer for some other, highly artistic reason not intended to promote admiration of her physical charms, and clearly it is purely coincidental that the sexy actress was cast and has nothing to do with her looks. Oh, those pathetic Trek fans, daring to comment. You’ve shown them.

  • The_Comic

    Wow a sarcastic anonymous Star Trek fan online, thats a first. I’m not looking down on anyone and I haven’t done any of the name calling you suggest just saying I’d rather talk the movie with strangers than go on about how much I’d like to have sex with a stranger. I wonder if over at they are talking about Star Trek?

  • The_Comic

    Moogie is about my level!

  • The_Comic

    Its an international incident i knew i should have said keks!

  • The_Comic

    So honestly i did enjoy 09 and this does look star trek to me. So honestly what, for you, is star trek? Genuinely interested not being sarcastic or arsey.

  • It’s the Star Trek way! Isn’t it…?

  • I really enjoyed the ’09 film too and it appears the vast majority of film goers did too, Trek fans or not.

  • Hahaha

  • Seems like Star Trek news of today makes you pretty upset. Why do you continue to read about it? Nothing is ever going to live up to the series and films of the past for some people so why not just go back and watch all of those again and quit being so damn negative?

  • It’s Negative Nancy in disguise!

  • Ben Gunn

    Consideration if this fictional world of Star Trek was a actual real world–and someone, somewhere may have mentioned it once upon a time–but if Khan is in this movie, there is no way he should be able to sneak up on the Federation unawares. Why? Easy.

    Spock. The Nimoy one, from the original timeline. Once it is clear there is no way to restore the original timeline, the TOS Spock should have been able to debrief the Federation on any number of things they would have found of interest. That V’Ger was on his way. That there was a scout team from the Andromeda Galaxy, bent on conquest, marooned on a certain planet. That there were things called the Borg and the Dominion and the Tholians and First Federation and Gorn and so on out there. That the Organians don’t like wars. Where the Romulans actually came from. That Cyrano Jones needed to have his trading license pulled.

    And that Khan and 70 or so of his followers were on a DY-100 sleeper ship. If I were the Federation, I would go find them and put them in a cave somewhere, still under suspended animation, never to be found by anyone trying to resurrect a Eugenics Empire.

  • knitpick

    lol, no, my typically insular yanky friend, pants can mean underwear. Although, usually pants are worn by the males, knickers are the attire of the ladies 🙂

  • Flazak

    Oh please people it’s Star Trek stop complaining. You people seem to want a movie like ‘Of gods and Men’ that slavishly follows canon on a tiny budget. Best thing ppl who don’t want this movie can do is donate to Star Trek renegades kickstarter or something.

  • JWPlatt

    It seems all this negativity makes you pretty upset and distracts your attention from what you enjoy. Why participate in such a reply thread instead of using your time more productively in the positive threads where you might have meaningful influence?

  • The_Comic

    I guess being positive doesnt give you a heart attack for a kick off, Its the content of the thread that makes it positive or negative. i think Id happily read others opinions, ESPECIALLY those that differ from mine if it was interestingly written. Instead of just gripes and moans and one liners about a film NO ONE has seen. As a star trek fan site one could presuppose that this webiste might be a basis for some sort of star trek online community, as opposed to the adversarial and bitchy environment it is. With notably few exceptions the comments on all the news items boil down to “This isnt star trek” “The 09 film was rubbish” and its boring if nothing else. I’m not saying trek 09 is perfect but I liked it. I’m not saying Into Darkness will be perfect but I expect to enjoy it too. I think its easy to knock and easy to whinge but talking, being respectful of others opinions, being a bit funny and giving reasoned arguments to support your points just seems a lost art. I think there are enough people mocking star trek fans without star trek fans themselves itching to deconstruct each others sentiments. Especially when some people are using these threads to share enthusiasm and excitement for a film that despite the vitriol and aggression every visitor to these threads will be going to see. A guy called Red ned Leech posted this on AICN the other day

    “Star Trek was such a magnificent, unexpected thing. So was Star Wars. The sort of magic that made them iconic wouldn’t have been recaptured no matter who took over these franchises. Because of that, and because of the place these fictional people and places have in the hearts of those who loved them, anyone who took them over would, in the very best of all possible worlds, be met with grudging, conditional acceptance.
    Abrams is a relatively gifted cinematic mimic but without exception his work has betrayed a lack of imagination, an inability to create a complete fictional world with believable, three dimensional characters. They look great, the production values and casting are top notch, but as Bones once said after sampling a certain godling’s food “Straw would taste better than his meat, and water a hundred times better than his brandy – nothing has any taste at all.”
    There is a lack of substance to everything Abrams has been involved with. Now whether this indicates a lack of talent or a lack of respect for his audience is open to debate.
    Super 8 did some things extremely well. The film the kids were making, the spot-on casting of the children, the brilliant set piece with the train…if one were to judge the film only on these elements it would be considered a masterpiece. But under the surface of that sumptuous feast there were character relationships that changed with the needs of the script with an absolute disregard for previous character development. It’s easy to point to the almost surreal shift in the relationship between the two dads, but one after another character conflicts were set up in the first act that were seemingly deliberately short-changed in the third, culminating in just an insulting “goodbye” to the memory of the mother. The alien, too, was used as such a changeable plot device that the resolution of its sojourn on earth seemed absolutely pointless.
    Star Trek had wonderful casting and some great set-pieces. And Abrams had the courage to know that the Star Trek universe had to be reset. It was choking to death on its own mythology and he should be lauded for taking the risk that would finally allow the universe to boldly go somewhere new. But once he’d taken that bold step, once he’d filled his cast with actors who were able to project those beloved characters both faithfully and with a confidence that made them their own, he placed them in a story that was insultingly sloppy. Leave aside perhaps the worst use of time travel in cinematic history, one that asks us to believe in not just a villain, but a crew of villains who would rather take revenge for the deaths of their loved ones than save them. Spock was made into Ben Kenobi, appearing mysteriously out of the wastes to rescue Luke…I mean Kirk…on the planet that just happened to have Scotty hanging around. Kirk and young Spock’s relationship was shoehorned into the movie in a way that could almost have been replaced by an art card reading “They end up liking each other, okay? Like in that old show. You liked that, right?”
    From Felicity onward Abrams has crafted these beautiful looking meals that almost seem hatefully aimed to taste bad once you chew them. Alias and Lost were both impeccably created to look as good as possible but ultimately neither one possessed the soul of a story. Abrams will always put his budget up there on screen. His finished product will look good and the acting will be fine. But he’s never made magic.
    And for some things the magic is what’s important.”
    And thats a far more successfull, interesting and worthwhile slating of Abrams, whilst acknowledging that Trek09 was a good fun watch than 99/100 of the comments I see here.

  • The_Comic

    While you’d think that, I think Spock’s actions in Trek09 infer Spock will be saying nothing to anyone about the future on the basis that Kirk & Spock will be able to sort it all out… Outside of the interal logic or lack of of the star trek universe I think Trek09 was a ‘wipe the slate clean exercise’ not a ‘make it more complicated exercise’, and whilst you are right, and its what you or I would do, any attempt to rationalise the threats of both universes within the narrative would make for a very difficult and complicated story, especially when so much of Star Trek canon is contradictory anyway.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    You know, my therapist said something similar. Except it was in Klingon. And what he actually said is, “Why are you not KILLING those things that make you angry?”
    The fortunate thing is, it is mostly tongue in cheek. I was very pleasantly surprised that ST11 was so good, and that what it got right were the things I felt to be the most important, the characters and the story beats. As annoyingly unrealistic and noncanon as the “Riverside Iowa Shipyards” was, for instance, the payoff of having Kirk watching the ship being built while he made a decision about his destiny was tremendous. I do accept that as realistic as some iterations of Trek have tried to be, that yes, reality, plausibility, and even internal logic at times have all taken a back seat to telling a story. As long as that story is good I’m perfectly okay with that. After all I’m a Klingon, not a Nazi. (Though both are acceptable to kill in Trek.)
    My trepidation about the upcoming film, which yes I do exaggerate a bit for (hopefully) comedic effect, is that like Transformers, and the unspeakably fubared Zorro sequel, that all the good things in ST11 would be chopped out of ST12. I’ve seen Those Knuckleheads ™ Kurtzman and Orci screw up sequels before in the name of being edgy and gritty, by forgetting completely anything that they got right in the first place. (For the record, in the first Transformers film it is the “boy and his car” aspect of the early part of the film, and the light, not-too-serious tone of most of it. Which got completely shitcanned for RoTF.)
    JJ does seem to have a better handle on Those Knuckleheads ™ than say Michael Bay did, and a better creative synergy. Bay did nothing but encourage their worst, most childish tendencies. I’m leery of Lindehof seeing as how he took a good draft of Prometheus and made it into a mediocre one.
    In short, for all the TL:DRers, I liked ST11, but every time I hear something utterly stupid about ST12, I just think “Yep, there they go again”. I do hope that I’m proven as pleasantly wrong as I was in 2009.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    My position is there is room enough for both, and when it’s good, I enjoy them equally well.
    I’m very glad that Paramount has allowed fans to express their appreciation and creativity.

  • Guest

    You’re not looking down on anyone, except when you say “Youd think people who watch atar trek had never had sex with anyone..” Because the moviegoing public finding an actress attractive somehow, in your universe, means they are less virile than you are. Grow up. You’re not a Comic, you’re not funny, and you couldn’t please Alice Eve with a jackhammer. The average Trek fan gets laid a lot more than you do.

  • The_Comic

    “You’d think” isn’t a definite proposition; it’s a description of a possible, and mistaken belief. The whole sentence means the opposite of “Star Trek fans don’t have sex”, it actually infers they do. I am sorry that you are illiterate and got so very confused and aggressive, hopefully you feel better now 😉

    I think we all know who needs to get laid, hopefully with another person though and not heavy machinery, I imagine that might sting a bit.

  • Polaris01313-1

    Unfortunately, Vic Mignogna is involved in the Star Trek Renegades production. I would DEFINITELY NOT waste my time, energy, effort, and financial sources in donating to a soon to be useless endeavor such as Renegades and Farragut Films’ Star Trek Continues. Vic Mignogna is the black hole and doomsday machine of Star Trek and other fans films.

    Why that ignorant son of a bitch still has a career(a mediocre one at that), let alone why John Broughton, Michael Bednar, Dennis Bailey, Michelle Specht, and the fools at Farragut Films continue to work with that liar and crook is beyond me!

    Dr. Simon Van Gelder was right. They are so blind ignorant.