New Star Trek Into Darkness Poster Debuts


A new poster for Star Trek into Darkness has appeared just one day after the latest trailer was released.

The new trailer features the USS Enterprise.

The new poster shows the Enterprise rising out of the water, in which it had been hidden.

Click on the thumbnail for a larger version.

Source: Flickering Myth




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  • Rad

    I gather someone asked JJ Abrams “…and while you’re at it, can you reboot ‘Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea’, too?”, so we get the “Two for One”…

  • Bass Guitar Hero

    It’s a nice poster–if you’re a Trekkie. For anyone else, it’s probably a head scratcher…

  • Daniel Ireland

    I think it looks pretty awesome. Not as much of a head scratcher as the last one:

    I worked at a theater when that one came and there were some non-Trekkies that didn’t even know what the picture was lol.

  • James Hodge

    This isn’t official, it’s a fan-made poster.