Khan Unify Humanity Poster


A new Star Trek poster has been released by Bye Bye Robot, featuring Khan.

The poster, the fourth in a series, was inspired by mid-twentieth century communist propaganda posters.

In the poster, people are urged to “unify alongside Khan,” who is “offering the world ‘order.'”

Khan’s positive features are listed; those being “power, leadership, and superior intellect.”

The Unify Humanity poster is 16″x24″ and printed on high-quality heavy weight 100lb acid-free paper. Unify Humanity will sell for $25.00 and can be ordered here.

Other posters in the series illustrated by Steve Thomas include: Escape to Risa, Red Shirt Recruitment, and Enterprise Shuttle Service.


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  • SJStar

    Too American. No thanks!

  • SJStar

    What the going on here? Please note
    I never wrote this statement. Someone else appears to be mimicking me,

  • SJStar

    Immitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

  • SJStar

    You stinking scum bucket!!

  • A_James

    The guy is is mimicking SJStar here is plainly a coward. I have seen this before on the Internet, and such a person should be banned.
    T’Bonz, I suggest you simply post his actual IP address and let the masses do the rest.

  • Buttered Biscuits

    Haha… I don’t think it’s cowardly, it’s clearly just a joke. It’s obvious that SJStar didn’t make the original post, he’s usually much more subtle. Well, not MUCH more but a bit more.

  • Mike

    Indeed. While SJStar and I have our disagreements, someone coming on here and pretending to be him and put words in his mouth isn’t right. If you disagree with what he has to say, call him on it, don’t use underhanded tactics, it just looks slimey.

  • Mike

    Regardless, this is the sort of thing that can cause escalation in an internet community… I’ll say right now, as much as I disagree with how he’s handled himself in the last couple weeks, this isn’t the way to deal with it. At all. He has a strong opinion, which he’s entitled to without this sort of harrassment.

  • Certainly Not Mike

    That’s silly and overblown. It’s not “underhanded,” it’s a joke. If the site didn’t want people to be able to enter any name they wanted, it wouldn’t be set up that way.

  • Mike

    That’s like saying if God didn’t want us to murder each other he wouldn’t have made us mortal. Abusing the system that is set up for adults to act like sane and reasonable people isn’t right, and certainly isn’t very mature. SJStar didn’t find it funny. I didn’t find it funny. We’re the two people that were primarily engaged in the discussion you’re referencing… I’m wondering who the humor was for… certainly neither of us. But, whatever gives you your kicks.

  • Hah! I just noticed the comments here and I have to agree with Certainly Not Mike. While immature, it is a bit funny. We shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously all the time.

  • Mike is an Idiot

    “That’s like saying if God didn’t want us to murder each other he wouldn’t have made us mortal.”

    An utterly silly comparison—murder to choice of handle? Not to mention that this system could be easily designed to require set logins, unlike rewriting the rules of mortality; that’s how the people running this want it. Their hands are not tied.

    “whatever gives you your kicks”

    I’m not the one who posted under SJStar’s name, but I am “Certainly Not Mike.” Thus your attempt to make this about me instead of the larger concepts I actually posted (a common debate tactic among overly emotional people) is a failure. But in another sense, yes, it is actually about “whatever gives me my kicks,” because the rules of the site allow me to use whatever name I want, just as they allow you to cry impotently about it.

  • Mike