Extra Star Trek Into Darkness IMAX Showing Added


For fans unable to get tickets for the May 15 Star Trek into Darkness IMAX showing, another show time has been added due to the strong demand to see the movie.

The 8 PM IMAX Star Trek into Darkness shows have been sold out, especially in larger cities such as Los Angeles and New York, so in response, Paramount has added an 11 PM showing of the movie.

Tickets for the additional screening can be purchased through the Star Trek app, Google Play, and at IMAX box offices.

Source: StarTrek.com

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  • SJStar

    “Look ma. I can fly!!” Is this Capt. Kirk et al. turning into superheroes?

    Ol’ George Reeves must be shaken’ in his costume.

    (‘Adventures of Superman’ is presently having its 60th Anniversary this year, BTW!)

  • Come on, man. Our astronauts of today are doing space walks, by the 23rd century we should be flying around with space jetpacks!

  • SJStar

    It is interesting that in MemoryAlpha, ithas an interest article on the EV suit (Environmental suit). The state Jonathan Archer’s quote from “Breaking the Ice” that these EV suits were “like you’re flying around inside your own little starship.” (The must have hit on by Abrams!) However, all of these, even through to the 24th Century were still rather clunky and cumbersome, and were only for EVAs.

    The problem with this is Kirk is flying in an EV suit through a debris field of broken spacecraft, and if a piece were to hit him, he would be killed instantly. The real contradiction is Roddenberry was highly interested in making Star Trek realistic view of the future. I.e. Computers, medicine, communications, etc. By dumping the expected laws of physics in the Star Trek Universe for the sake of being hip and exciting seems to be central to this variation of the Star Trek. Trek is supposed to be a reflection of humanity’s future!

    Note: I could have even stated things like George Jetson (having its 50th Anniversary this year, BTW), and even they had aerocar, which was set 100 years in the future in 2062. This is the same year as the launch of the Zefram Cochrane’s Phoenix in 2063, which is also 50 years from now! (I sort of wonder what Jane Jetson’s “Galaxy Women Historical Society” would have said about this?

    Quote: “Well, here we go again. Another night, another traffic jam. Boy, this spaceway traffic gets worse every night. Hey, looks like an opening up ahead.” George Jetson or

    Traffic is thicker than a cloud of meteors today.” Mrs. Spacely

    [Ol’ Kirky channelling the future (or the past)!]