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Cumberbatch Eager To See Final Cut

Posted by T'Bonz - 18/03/13 at 09:03 am

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Although he knows much more about Star Trek into Darkness than the fans know, Benedict Cumberbatch is as eager as the fans to see the finished version of the film.

Cumberbatch also had high praise for J.J. Abrams, saying that the director was a “lovely human being and just super talented, ridiculously talented.”

“He’s not a dilettante,” said Cumberbatch. “He’s sort of a polymath. Anything he turns his hand to, he seems to conquer and master. And he’s ridiculously charming, smart and a really good person as well.”

The actor is “really excited about seeing the film. I haven’t seen the whole film yet,” he said, “so I’m in the same situation as a lot of fans. Anticipation is where I’m at with that one.”

Cumberbatch promises that fans will enjoy Star Trek into Darkness. “It’s a rollicking summer film which has heart and soul, and a depth to detail that will keep you glued to your seat and caring about the thrills and spills on the Imax 3D experience,” he promised.

Source: Independent


  • SJStar


    When I first read this I thought he might be frightened that he might not be in the actual movie!

  • Daniel Ireland

    Haha yea, he actually only has a cameo. All of his scenes are the ones in the trailers lol.