Today Was A Bad Day To Imbibe


Fort Lauderdale resident Johnnie Blade decided to play the Klingon in the middle of a residential intersection, wielding a Klingon Bat’leth.

The man was “wildly swinging” the four-foot long sword and “proudly displaying” it to passing motorists.

“This sword…is known to loyal Star Trek fans as traditional Klingon ‘Bat’leth’ or ‘Sword of Honor,’ said the Broward Sheriff’s Office report on the matter.

Blade was charged with improper exhibition of a dangerous weapon, disorderly intoxication in a public place that caused a disturbance, resisting an officer without violence and drug possession.

Source: Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel

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  • Polaris01313-1

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    I should say so. I mean, resisting a police officer WITHOUT violence! What was he thinking?