Star Trek: The Next Generation DVD Release


For those who never got around to purchasing the original Star Trek: The Next Generation DVD release, the series is being offered again, with new packaging.

The first two seasons of TNG will go on sale exclusively at Amazon beginning March 12, with the rest of the seasons becoming available on April 16.

The new release features the exact same content, including bonus material, as the previous full-season releases.

Seasons One and Two will sell for $35.00, and subsequent seasons will sell for $47.00 each.


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  • Steven Robert Gill

    Surely it would make more sense to simply transfer the recently remastered editions onto DVD, they’d still look noticably superior to the edited-on-video SD editions, for the same reason that films always looked superior on VHS to stuff shot with a video camera on VHS

    There’s a reason why DVD is marketed alongside Blu Ray, and that’s because Blu Ray is still out of the price range of a lot of people

  • It makes sense to you, me, and everyone else – but to Hollywood, it would be giving away something for nothing. It’s how that place works. You want quality, you pay extra. You want generic, you pay less. They fail to realize they’d boost over-all sales and make more money in the end on combined DVD and blu-ray sales by doing as you suggest, because short-term the blu-rays wouldn’t make as much instantly.

    Also, these new DVD covers – most of them are cool, but a few are using season 1 photos (you can tell by the hair and uniforms) as their basis and it ends up looking dumb. Crusher prime example. 1987 hair and all…