Shatner Phones Hadfield On The ISS


Star Trek‘s William Shatner shared a fifteen-minute phone conversation with astronaut Chris Hadfield, who is currently aboard the International Space Station.

The conversation between the pair focused on the future of the American space program.

“You’re in the International Space Station,” said Shatner, “but you had to get there in a Russian vehicle. Are we, as America, fallen behind or is this just a pause in our space program?”

“It went from Mercury, to Gemini, to Apollo, to shuttle, with many, many lulls in-between,” said Hadfield. “…We’re just right now in between vehicles, much as we were after Mercury, after Gemini, after Apollo, we’re just in the after shuttle era now. But fortunately, because of international cooperation, we’re not grounded.”

Other topics included the risks of going to space, and Hadfield admitted that risk is a necessary part of life. “To accomplish anything worthwhile in life, it’s going to take risk. Even if you stay at home and sit at your kitchen table, eventually the ceiling will fall. There’ll be a hurricane or tornado. You can’t live a worthwhile life without risk.”

Source: Forbes




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  • Kang the Unbalanced

    As long as we still have even a few people living and working in space, there is still hope that one day we will get off this rock.

  • navamske

    “Hadfield admitted that risk is a necessary part of life”

    Riiiiiisk is our business!!

  • European

    Wait… aren’t they both Canadian? Why are they mentioning America?